New Release /// SANĀTANA ///

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welcome to SANĀTANA

SANATANA – in Sanskrit – preserves the concept of ethereal, understood as a temporal dimension not determined by the limits of beginning and end, which is regenerated in a cyclic and infinite flow. SANATANA is the first Album by SAN TANA for the independent label SUPRANU Records.

This work was composed between March and July 2019, contains 6 tracks made through electro-acoustic processing techniques, using sounds recorded during some improvisative and guided sessions with the musician Maria Giovanna Cardia.

SANATANA investigates “empty” spaces, “elastic” and “perpetual” time.

With strictly delicacy it marks the limits and traces the directions of the experience. How a shadow transforms itself before the inquiring gaze, to hide its vital and constitutive nucleus in the dark. SAN TANA explores the fluid and the liquid properties of sound to penetrate bodies and sculpt ethereal forms.

SANĀTANA aka Marco Salaris is a musician born in Sardinia in 1988. Noise multi-instrumentalist since young, he soon dedicated himself to Electroacoustic music and radical improvisation with the project Terminale_3, with which in 2014 he published the album I-Son (TiConZero). His music is rooted in noise and drone music, developing and finding new trajectories more akin to Electroacoustic and Avantgarde music.

His creative process is based on improvisational practices, listening and sound processing, typical of electronic music. Graduated in Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Cagliari, his main activities include the composition of music for dance and theater, sound direction, Foley artist; collaborates with Betty’s Turquoise Chain, Ottovolante Sulcis, Parallel Coast, ASMED and many others.


New Release /// Aloe Vera ~ stziopa ///


 We’re pleased to announce a new artist stziopa

Aloe Vera Ep is the first official release for the independent label SUPRANU


Alias of Stefano Manconi (1993) is a musician born in Sardinia and artistically adopted in the Czech Republic.

His music is built entirely on improvisation, mostly with modular synthesizers and ranges from “floating-ambient” tunes to “broken-til-straight” techno beats through generative and evolving patterns.

“Aloe Vera represents the need of slowing down, have a look at our surroundings and enjoy the moment as a timeless frame. ”


released November 21, 2019

Producer: stziopa

Master: TeraMastering Marco Vincis

Artwork: Claudio Rosa

Label: SUPRANU Records © 2019




DYSH? Testifies a meeting at the periphery of the periphery. Just one meeting, frozen inside a short and roaring sound. The picture of a piece of metal, left on the cornfield. Echoes of warm places once the party is over. And you make fun of the guy sleeping in his clothes on the sofa. DYSH? Is the footprint remaining from the exodus of three instruments, strings and drumheads tasting of salt, if you lick them.


OUT NOW “Peripheral Nervous System”

OUT NOW “Peripheral Nervous System” of the sardinian artist Michele Uccheddu Aka 03SIDIAN.

nmirgeiogjdeReleased today on Bandcamp with 11 track and 11 paints by the finish artist Jenni Österlund.

03SIDIAN 2019
He has been exploring rhythms and electronic music, being inspired by the environment.
He composed this album with a generative approach finding different ways to create organic music.

The whole album is painted by the finish artist JENNI ÖSTERLUND
Check it out on:

Composer: Michele Uccheddu
Master: Tera Mastering di Marco Vincis
Artwork Design: Ilari Peltomäki
Logo Design: Miryam Cuppone
Model Artis: Jenni Österlund
Photo: Hedda Wikström

Visual description of the sound. A process in two pieces, creating an visual language describing the sound of the track, then making a painting based on the visual

JENNI ÖSTERLUND Aka FITTMAGIKERN Artist based in Finland                                               WhatsApp Image 2019-04-07 at 22.31.35

I define my self in movement and sound,
in emotions and color.
I base my creation in a connection that i feel
for something or someone.
I want to express playfulness,
ride my impulses and a build a big playground around me“.

The album is released on Bandcamp, includes digital pre-order of Peripheral Nervous System. The moment the album is released you’ll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


© All rights reserved

2018 © SUPRANU Records

Out Now : BREAK – Art Film

Art Film Performance & Digital Manipolation

Directed by Silvìa Bellu LUM.

Artwork: Silvia Bellu Production

Assistant: Miryam Cuppone

Performers: Claudia Pellegatta e Gaurav Aurora

Fotografia: Piero Pandolfino

Videomakers: Mattia Liberati e Tullia La Rosa

Musica: Mind of Jackob – 03SIDIAN “In the Planet of Shiva”

Label : SUPRANU Records

In the Planet of Shiva – 03SIDIAN

I composed In the Planet of Shiva during my Master in sound design, management and branding, in Novia Academy Finland. The idea behind this musical project was to avoid using reference tracks. Instead, I decided to compose my ideas following the path of my musical memory taking roots from the Trip-Hop and Underground scene of ’90s like Massive Attack, Portishead, Dj Shadow, Dj Sasha, and Death in Vegas; but also contemporary music, like John Cage, Stockhausen, and Ryoji Ikeda among the various. I wanted to give to the listener something new, coming out from a creative process and not by fix models. I collaborated with the most promising musicians of Novia School Academy in Jakobstad, and my thanks go to Victor Nyblom (drum), Emilia Lindblom (electric bass), and Jonathan Bäckström (doublebass). I have mixed these songs in the prestigious studies of SUGARHOUSE PUBLISHING (Finland) under the supervision of Janne Hyöty.

Out on 30/04/2018