La sacralidad de la vida by La Stanza nel Deserto

Mario Massa Trumpet,
Diego Soddu Guitar/Electronic,
Mixa Fortuna Vox
Mix/Mastering, Diego Soddu
Original Artwork REN-Ge, Attilio Baghino Single Version Artwork, Michele Uccheddu

La sacralidad de la vida released today 25/02/2021 in all digital platforms

La sacralidad de la vida is one of the single taken from the album Ren-ge which is the fifth of a record exalogy:

Nam (Artigianarte Editrice 2009), Myo (SMF 2010), Ho (SMF 2012) , Cause and Effect (Denovali Records 2013).

La sacralidad de la vida brings together different languages, electronic, jazz, intuitive music, aleatory music, tribal correspondences.

The result is an ambient music that can be defined as a contemporary classic.

The timbre solutions pass through lyrical moments and the sound is processed with the electronics.