Michele Uccheddu AKA 03SIDIAN and M.U.

He comes from Sardinia in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Percussionist, Electronic Musician, Sound Designer, engaged in research and

experimentation music in international festivals in Europe.

He focused his attention on different types of music like Electroacoustic music,

experimental Jazz, Techno and IDM with the idea to recall historical periods

important to rejoin music to history, in his music he pushes towards the research,

taking inspiration from the most avant-garde arts.



-“In the Planet of Shiva” for SUPRANU Records®


-Video Art “BREAK” with the music “Mind of Jakob” from “in the Planet of Shiva”

– “Live for the ice” International Festival “SIGNAL”


-Dj Set From 90s to 2019 From Trip Hop and Electronic Underground music through

the electronic Jazz to the new IDM and Post-Club culture.

It’s a Journey in to the sound that comes from all over the word and arts.


Lasts Techno releases Aka M.U

-He released for Diligentia Record (German) 1 Ep “NEOCLASSICO”

-He released for Diligentia Records (German) a remix of “Sagittarius” by C-RAM

-He released for Frequenza Records ” AUTUNNO” Ep with “The Men And the


SOCIAL : Instagram https://www.instagram.com/micheleuccheddu/?hl=en

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mu.micheleuccheddu/

WEBSITE: http://micheleuccheddu.com/wp/

Mail : muaudace@gmail.com

Phone +39 3473246044

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