by HUMAN ESCAPE releases April 20, 2023

30 numbered Copies of “Places In Nowhere”

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After the numerous series of singles collected in the “One” collection, released by the record label SUPRANU Records, HUMAN ESCAPE, also known as Diego Soddu, releases the concept album “Places in Nowhere.” This new production appears sophisticated and mysterious, requiring several listening sessions to decipher its secrets.

“Places in Nowhere” is a concept album that travels through different imaginary and inner landscapes of the artist, like a train that never stops. The hypnotic and engaging atmospheres open up to many possibilities and give a soft and captivating sound to the entire work. The intense and well-structured mix of musical styles and currents is one of the key elements of “Places in Nowhere,” with tracks like “Through the Infinite” that have a strong Funk root with blues and fusion jazz hybridizations, while still maintaining a strong electronic identity and always aiming at the search for new musical forms.

Techno influences dictate careful listening, defining asymmetrical rhythms and an intense listening experience in tracks like “The Big Cave” and “War,” where more intimate and dark environments emerge. “Lotus Flower,” on the other hand, marks a clear return to a plastic scenario of a reversed universe. The progression of the album envelops the listener towards borderless scenarios, where cotton candy clouds, mechanical dinosaurs, and hyper-human beings coexist.

“Places in Nowhere” offers a new perspective on inner galaxies, with its sinuous fluidity that makes it easy to listen to while also rich in surprising details. This concept album was produced entirely by HUMAN ESCAPE for the record label SUPRANU Records. “Places in Nowhere” it’s now available on all digital platforms and in cassette format on Bandcamp.


Mix: Diego Soddu

Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)

Communication: Marco Salaris, Michele Uccheddu

All rights reserved © 2023 SUPRANU Records


EXPLORING SOUNDS FINLAND: the different possibilities of sound – from nature to sound art.

In the project EXPLORING SOUNDS we invite sound artist Marco Salaris aka SANATĀNA (from Sardinia Ita) as an artist in residence to stay at Malakta (Malax/Maalahti) for two weeks in June for a collaboration with sound artist Michele Uccheddu from SUPRANU Records / Malakta

EXPLORING SOUNDS is a project 3 steps

Design: Sara Östman

Soundwalk: workshop with Michele Uccheddu and Marco Salaris in Malakta and surroundings of Malax.  Saturday 4th of June from 10:00 to 16:00

Design: Sara Östman

Artist Talk: Talk by artist Marco Salaris SANATĀNA, at Platform (Vaasa City).
Thursday 9th June from 18:00 to 20:00

Design: Sara Östman

Concert: Concert by artist Marco Salaris SANATĀNA + DJ set  in Malakta, Malax.
Friday 10th June from 18:00 to 20:00 

All the events in EXPLORING SOUNDS is promoted by Malakta, Platform, SUPRANU Records, City of Vaasa, Sardegna Sonora


It is a project that guide the participants to understand, explore and meet the Sound Art

It’s a journey through the different possibilities of the sound, from nature to a Sound art production that is not only music because it is made with an artistic approach, which is more related with a specific topic, free from musical rules and genres.

One of the objectives is to build a network between regions that are far apart but they can share culture and artists.

Sardinia (It) and Österbotten (Fi) are not densely populated regions, which makes them territories where nature is predominant. 

The people in contact with nature care about the issues of pollution and industrial exploitation of the land. 

Through the use of art, these issues can come to the surface and give rise to dialogue. 

The means by which this type of encounter is created is diversified into “listening to and exploring sound” , meeting local and Sardinian sound artists, in dedicated and awareness-raising events, useful for conveying important aspects of life in respect of our territory and the sharing of distant but common cultures.  


  1. Help participants to explore the sense of hearing sounds, condivide knowledge and create awareness. 
  2. explore and collect the naturalistic sound of our territory
  3. Create connection and networks between sound artists and local cultural associations in Österbotten 


Sound surrounds us and like it everything has its own vibration that communicates and reflects on us, animals and plants, influencing the way we live and perceive life. 

Recent research has shown how birds have changed their migratory routes or diversified the harmonics of their song, influenced by industrial noise. 

The soundscape changes with the presence or absence of forests and wild animals, what we hear today may not be the same in 10 years’ time. It is important to be able to understand from such a small concept how much the environment around us is being changed and what the future holds. 

Sound can be stimulating, it can be pleasant, it can be produced by an artistic action or it can be a sound generated by natural phenomena. 

Sound can also be disturbing, a disturbance that some researchers have evaluated as the cause of a malaise that can make life difficult to the point of creating pathologies. 

Our ears and our perception, knowing how they work and how we can use them is useful in understanding how we relate to sound that is continuous and surrounds us 24/7, day and night.

Sound art can bring up a new idea of sound through the use of techniques and knowledge of manipulating data or sounds related to a specific topic. 

It is not anymore only music, sometimes it isn’t at all, but can be more a process that is specified on the intention of the artist to explore a particular topic. 

The difference between music and sound art is specified in the process and in the achievement results. While the music is purely entertainment and easy listening, the Asound Art is related more to the idea behind the creation and the process or the technique can affect the result, that suddenly is not easy to understand or require from the listeners more attention and focus. 

Sound Art can be compared with a visual artwork which brings a message or needs the audience to be present and deeply focused on a topic.

It brings to another level of listening, creating awareness and giving more control to the people to understand what is behind the creation. 

Is the direct expression of the IDEA through the use of different techniques.

Photo: Claudio Rosa

About SANĀTANA aka Marco Salaris

He is a musician born in Sardinia in 1988. Noise
multi-instrumentalist since young, he soon dedicated himself to Electroacoustic music and
radical improvisation with the project Terminale_3, with which in 2014 he published the album I-Son (TiConZero).

His music is rooted in noise and drone music, developing and finding new trajectories more
akin to Electroacoustic and Avant-garde music. His creative process is based on
improvisational practices, listening and sound processing, typical of electronic music.

Photo: Jenni Österlund

About Michele Uccheddu

Michele Uccheddu aka O3SIDIAN is a sound artist from Sardinia who has been living in
Ostrobothnia for a few years now. He works with percussion and electronic music and has
founded the digital record label SUPRANU Records. Uccheddu also has extensive
experience in organising festivals on both national and international platforms.



POST ICONA è il risultato di una residenza artistica avvenuta a ottobre 2021 a Salonicco, condotta da Chiara Caredda, Stefano Manconi e Dario Sanna e curata da Ottovolante Sulcis nell’ambito del progetto Tramediterranee, di cui SUPRANU Records curerà la distribuzione in formato fisico e digitale della parte sonora creata dagli artisti in residenza. 

Tramediterranee è un progetto di scambio rivolto a giovani impegnati nel settore delle arti in Italia e in Grecia, tenutosi ad ottobre 2021 a Salonicco, promosso da Ottovolante Sulcis A.P.S. con il sostegno del MAECI – Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale.


21 maggio – 8 giugno 2022

Studio Terzomolare

via San Giuseppe 17, Cagliari

Ingresso gratuito


Il concetto di “icona”, e dunque di “immagine” nelle sue varie accezioni, è il filo conduttore di questa ricerca.

La città di Salonicco, in Grecia, con la sua storia, il suo carattere multiculturale e stratificato, ha dato il via a una riflessione intorno ai concetti di bellezza e di armonia, propri della cultura classica, fino ad arrivare al culto delle icone nella religione greco-ortodossa.

Attraverso un mix di pratiche che vanno dalla fotografia al sound design, le immagini sono state smaterializzate, manipolate e rielaborate, fino a rimodellare quegli stessi concetti che le hanno tenute imprigionate nei canoni di bellezza e funzionalità.

Dario Sanna

(Siniscola, 1996) è un artista multidisciplinare. La sua principale pratica ruota intorno al rapporto tra paesaggio e tecnologie, rappresentandone le dinamiche sotto forma di installazioni multi-mediali e appunti visivi.

Dal 2015 vive a Bologna dove, attualmente, frequenta il biennio specialistico di Scultura presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti.

Dal 2018 fa parte ed è co-fondatore del collettivo Transhumanza.

Nel 2021 ha frequentato l’École supérieure d’art & design Marseille-Méditerranée.

Dal 2021 collabora con l’associazione Ottovola

Chiara Caredda

(1992 Carbonia) è una fotografa e artista visiva. La sua pratica si focalizza sui meccanismi della memoria e del ricordo attraverso l’immagine.

Utilizza diversi media, prediligendo l’utilizzo del collage analogico e di varie tecniche off-camera e di stampa in camera oscura.

Nel 2020/21 ha partecipato come borsista al programma di alta formazione sull’immagine fotografica “Creare e Pensare la Fotografia” organizzato da OCCHIO nel comune di Cagliari.

Dal 2020 è parte dell’Associazione Ottovolante Sulcis.

Stefano Manconi

(Carbonia, 1993) è un artista multidisciplinare la cui ricerca artistica spazzia dai “time-based media” alle arti visive. La sua attività principale è quella di musicista nel progetto solista stziopa e co-fondatore dei progetti ~emb e MIRA332.

Nel 2016 studia Multimedia presso le accademie JAMU e FAVU in Repubblica Ceca;

Nel 2018 si diploma in Musica Elettronica presso il Conservatorio di Cagliari;

Ha progettato strumenti musicali per la Bastl Instruments, fa parte del collettivo SUPRANU Records ed è organizzatore di eventi all’interno dell’associazione Ottovolante Su


Ottovolante Sulcis è un’Associazione di Promozione Sociale con sede a Sant’Antioco, fondata nel 2010 con l’obiettivo di contribuire alla crescita culturale della popolazione del territorio, attraverso l’elaborazione e la realizzazione di progetti, laboratori e corsi di formazione professionale, con particolare riguardo agli ambiti artistici e alle loro applicazioni in campo sociale e partecipativo. L’associazione organizza mostre, rassegne, eventi ricreativi e artistico-culturali; partecipa a bandi di vari enti ed istituzioni, programma e realizza interscambi giovanili con paesi europei ed extra-europei.

Nel 2019 l’Associazione ha avviato una propria attività di promozione dell’arte contemporanea e della cultura attraverso una serie di eventi presso la Ottovolante Home Gallery, un luogo nato come abitazione privata e trasformato in diverse occasioni in centro di fruizione dell’arte, e in altri luoghi significativi dell’Isola di Sant’Antioco, sia nel centro abitato che nel territorio circostante.


Terzomolare, lo studio d’arte degli artisti e operatori Cristina Meloni e Paolo Carta, inaugurato nel 2021, è situato nello storico quartiere di Castello, in Cagliari, già sede del progetto fotografico S’Umbra. All’interno di Terzomolare, portano avanti la loro ricerca artistica, condividendola con altri artisti, selezionati per “FREES – free studio” progetto di studio condiviso gratuito. Cristina Meloni e Paolo Carta sono inoltre docenti di Graphik Design, rispettivamente al Liceo Artistico Foiso Fois di Cagliari e all’Accademia di Belle Arti Mario Sironi di Sassari.






/ Latente / al Funzilla Fest 2022 ROMA

Il lavoro fotografico di Claudio Rosa & SANĀTANA (Marco Salaris) è stato selezionato per essere esposto durante il Funzilla Fest 2022 a Roma

/ latente /

Un racconto individuale di vita latente sviluppato a distanza tra marzo e aprile 2020 attraverso le fotografie di Claudio Rosa e le musiche di SANATANA.

Claudio Rosa & Marco Salaris SANĀTANA

La fotografia analogica, impiegata come mezzo di orientamento all’interno di una nuova condizione umana, svela in modo intimo una vitalità costretta in ambienti domestici dove presenze e assenze si compenetrano e coesistono.

Le quattordici immagini, organizzate in dittici, vengono sostenute da brevi composizioni basate sulla ripetizione.

La musica cerca di raccontare ciò che viene celato ma che in qualche modo riemerge, generando un loop di diversi stati dell’essere. I processi compositivi appartengono alle logiche della musica elettroacustica e contemporanea. L’intero lavoro accompagna lo spettatore in un’esperienza audiovisiva, un viaggio sonoro pensato come un unico loop e articolato in sette movimenti.

Il Funzilla Fest nasce nel 2015 su iniziativa di Fugazine e Monkeyphoto, due piccole etichette romane da alcuni anni dedite alla produzione di fanzine fotografiche.

Ad essi si affianca da subito l’associazione Microprisma, spazio dedicato alla fotografia autonomo e sperimentale che ha ospitato la prima edizione.

L’idea è molto semplice: creare una festa, della durata di un fine settimana, totalmente dedicata alle fanzine fotografiche.

Oggi il Festival è pensato e organizzato da un collettivo di persone più ampio che raccoglie le energie, le competenze e la passione di: Matias Biglieri (BiZed), Paolo Cardinali (Fugazine), Alessandro Ciccarelli (Monkeyphoto), Claudio Drago (Microprisma), Chiara Ernandez,  Danilo Palmisano (Monkeyphoto), Marco Soellner (Nostalghia Press), Marzia Troiani.

Il Festival prevede la partecipazione libera di chiunque abbia prodotto una fanzine fotografica ( autori ed editori ) ed è strutturato con banchetti vendita, presentazioni editoriali, incontri, workshop, mostre, dibattiti.”

dal sito - FUNZILLA


FAKE MUSIC: new ep by lcc01234art

FAFAKE MUSIC is the first “easy listening” work by lcc01234art and was born from the need to find an “artifact sound”, inhuman and improbable, but at the same time comprehensible to everyone.

The album refers to the concepts of artefact and fiction, topics that are subject of discussion in our times, an era full of digital illusions.

The artist takes up this concept by exposing himself, openly creating “plastic” and “low poly” music, but at the same time catchy, with which he tries to convey emotions through something synthetic and artificial.

Lcc01234art, who has always been fascinated by the rigid and cold aesthetics of computers, has created a musical instrument to “compose” (or rather generate) music with numbers.

The artist has conceived a universe of numbers, which he defines as a “space of possibilities”, and like a video game, he has explored it by digging into it, looking for combinations of numbers that could be “musical” for any kind of listener.


Music: lcc01234art

Mix: Nicola Costa

Mastering: Tera Mastering

Lcc01234art social


OKTV FestivaL 2022: SUPRANU SHOWCASE ma anche workshop e laboratori

Workshops, Installations, Audio
Visual Performances,Talks
Digital Art Exhibition
22-23-24 April 2022

SUPRANU Records si apre a nuove collaborazioni nel territorio, in particolare quello del Sulcis Iglesiente, trovando nuovi spazi e occasioni per portare avanti la propria visione su arte tecnologia ed innovazione.

La nuova collaborazione con l’associazione Academia Terra APS, fondata da Simone Lumini, sound designer, recording artist e docente, da la possibilità al collettivo artistico di SUPRANU Records di poter partecipare in un evento unico nel suo genere e di importanza per noi rilevante, soprattutto perchè è il primo evento incentrato sulle arti digitali proposto nel territorio del SULCIS Iglesiente, regione fortemente depressa economicamente ma che offre sempre la possibilità all’arte di portare avanti progetti innovativi e di rilevanza internazionale.

OKTV Festival è un è un festival di arti digitali, che propone non solo musica e intrattenimento ma promuove l’innovazione come elemento didattico, presentandosi così al pubblico del territorio Sardo con workshops, laboratori ed esibizioni digitali.

Ancora una volta SUPRANU Records si schiera con l’innovazione, la divulgazione della cultura e le collaborazioni.

Il gruppo con il quale è possibile OKTV festival 2022 è formato da: Comune di Iglesias, Accademia Terra, EIA Factory, NABA Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti, Ass. Culturale Tina Modotti, IVLIVS.Mp4, SUPRANU Records, Fondazione Pinuccio Sciola

Live Performance_


“lcc01234art” – Live Performance
“Stziopa” – Dj Set
24 Aprile 2022 – 21.00-00.00, Giardino Biblioteca Comunale Iglesias

Che cosa è OKTV?

E’ un progetto di Academia Terra focalizzato sulla “New Media Art” ovvero l’arte prodotta mediante la tecnologia e l’intelligenza artificiale.

Il Festival ha lo scopo di sviluppare e divulgare la commistione tra arte e scienza utilizzando tale “data set” come risorsa per rigenerare e fruire luoghi legati alla cultura post-industriale e spazi pubblici scarsamente valorizzati.

Perché OKTV?

Le attività proposte dalla programmazione sono gratuite ed aperte al pubblico di ogni età.

Si prevedono mostre, esposizioni, installazioni interattive, workshop masterclass, residenze artistiche, concerti , dj set, live performances e momenti di svago e aggregazione. Investigando argomenti come

l’arte procedurale e generativa, la realtà aumentata e la computer grafica l’animazione digitale, l’interaction design, la sonic e web art i video-games, la robotica e la progettazione 3D, cosi come il mondo delle live performances sperimentali, OKTV rappresenta un’occasione unica di ritorno alla socialità, plasmando nuove estetiche su scenari algoritmici e artistici. Nella rete sono presenti prestigiosi partner accademici come NABA, Nuova Academia di Belle Arti Milano, EIA, Exploring Artificial Intelligence In Art, Fondazione Pinuccio Sciola e Ass. Culturale Tina Modotti.

Dove è OKTV?

Il progetto è localizzato in svariate locations del comune di Iglesias (SU) e vede il partenariato tra Amministrazione Comunale e Academia Terra come Ente Capofila.

Quando è OKTV?

Lo Spring Fest e’ in programmazione dal 21 Aprile al 24 Aprile 2022.

Il Summer Fest è previsto dal 21 Giugno al 25 Giugno 2022.

Gli eventi educativi offerti al pubblico sono uno degli obiettivi sul quale il Collettivo Supranu Records lavora da anni per poter creare degli eventi culturali che offrono conoscenza e mostrano le innovazioni anche a persone non esperte nel campo del digitale e della sound art.

Con questa ottica promuoviamo ed esortiamo il pubblico a interessarsi e partecipare alle attività proposte dal festival OKTV Festival

OKTV Festival “Contaminierazioni”

“Laboratori di Creative Coding, Sonic Art e Interaction Design”
IIS “G.Asproni”- Iglesias, Liceo Classico “Siotto Pintor”- Cagliari
Guido Tattoni, Riccardo Mantelli, Nima Gazestani, Simone Lumini

21,22,23,24 Aprile 2022 – 09.00-14.00: Biblioteca Comunale “N.Canelles”

NFT Social Expo
A.A.V.V, Valentina Vinci, Academia Terra, IIS “G.Asproni”
“Gli NFT, l’arte digitale e le cripto-valute per mitigare criticità
Vernissage: 22 Aprile 2022 – 10.00: Centro Culturale V. Cattaneo
Expo: 22,23,24 Aprile 2022 – 16.00 – 20.00: Centro Culturale di V. Cattaneo

“Laboratori artistici per l’infanzia in un tributo alla produzione di Nam
June Paik e Joseph Beuys”
A cura di: Academia Terra
IC “P.Allori” – IC “E.d’Arborea” – IIS “G.Asproni”

22,23 Aprile 2022 – 15.00-18.00: Giardino Biblioteca Comunale “N.Canelles”


Lecture: Riccardo Mantelli – Artista e Creative Technologist
Talks: Felice Colucci – Ricercatore e A.I. Expert
Guido Tattoni – Director of Education _ NABA,Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano
“Pensiero Parametrico e Immaginazione Computazionale”

22 Aprile 2022 – 17.00-19.00
“Orizzonti Algoritmici: Arte Generativa ”

24 Aprile 2022 – 17.00-19.00
“Dietro l’interazione: New Media Art ”

23 Aprile 2022 – 10.30-12.30
Centro Culturale di Via Cattaneo


Delicate Wings


Delicate Wings is a maxi single with two tracks: Delicate Wings and Chrysalis.

It is available in all digital stores and bandcamp

The music is created by 03SIDIAN in collaboration with the Folk Flutist Göran Månsson from Sweden.

“I wanted to represent the volatility of life, the fragility of certain moments of transition, those times when you have to gather your strength and jump with decision”


03SIDIAN – Jenni Österlund ph

Delicate Wings maxi single is dedicated to life changes, it tells the story of a butterfly that changes in its cocoon, and opens its wings for the first time in the new world, from a new point of view.

Radical changes, difficult to understand, are like a push to change point of view, to recreate one’s ideal dimension, and to collaborate with the outside, the other, the unknown or the one that scares us.

  • Track1: Delicate Wings is an ambient track, produced with a generative process programmed by 03SIDIAN on its reactive system “AUTOMA” and the collaboration of folk flutist Göran Månsson who played different types of wooden flute, but also a special one to produce the low harmonics “sub Bass”. 

Delicate Wings stems from 03SIDIAN’s intention to describe and represent the moment in life when you spread your wings for the first time, amidst insecurities, fears and curiosity. 

When the butterfly comes out of the cocoon after metamorphosis, it has to break its protective nest, explore the outside world with different eyes, move its wings and free them from impediments. 

  • Track 2: Chrysalis is a rhythmic track, with elements of club music, but which follows a genre-free trend as the compositional trademark of producer 03SIDIAN. 

Samples of Göran Månsson’s flute mix with chemical and angular sounds, as if to describe gears and organic shapes in mutation.  The track Chrysalis, in fact, represents the moment in which one closes in on oneself, protects oneself from the outside world and begins a journey of change from within. 

Chrysalis is the caterpillar that closes itself in its cocoon and begins an internal struggle, which brings it into the last phase of its life, with forms and evolutions that make it unrecognizable in the eyes of all. Once it has finished its process, the caterpillar that has become a butterfly amazes onlookers as it spreads its wings, communicates with its fellow creatures, attracts its mate and drives away unwanted animals. 

Inner growth, self-reflection, and finally opening up to the outside world, with new eyes, new self, new form. 

The collaboration with flutist Göran Månsson began in Greenland, after the two artists met to play together for the first time with the AIRBORN line-up. 

The trip to Greenland was for the Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival, in which 03SIDIAN participates as a representative and artist from Malakta rf. (Finland) and part of the project created by North Cultitude 6263.

Info Artist

Göran Månsson

Göran Månsson plays flutes, pipes and recorders. Göran ranks as one of the most exciting and dynamic flute players on the Swedish folk music scene.

He comes from the small town of Haverö in Norrland in the north of Sweden.  As a descendant of one of Sweden’s celebrated folk music families, Göran is actively furthering the Swedish folk music heritage. 

He is a graduate of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where he now teaches.

Göran was a member of the folk music group Gjallarhorn and also the folk-pop group Sarek which was one of the artists in Eurovision song contest 2004. Among other groups he has collaborated with: Göran Månsson Band, Nordman, Frispel and Månsson & Åberg

Göran is very much in demand as a session musician for both early music and folk-pop recordings and has toured the world as a percussionist and flute player. As a soloist he is currently one of the most interesting nordic folk acts in Japan.

Göran Månsson - Stellan Backman ph


Flutes and Sub: Göran Månsson

Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)

Music Arrangement and editing: Michele Uccheddu 

Artwork: Michele Uccheddu




03SIDIAN with the collaboration of the saxophonist Jens Comén aka JENC

Ph Björn Sundegård
Ph Jenni Österlund

BIOLUMINESCENCE is Melancholic and Happy, it is the celebration of all forms of life that brings light on nature. Is the mix between the beauty and the dream of an exploited nature, where the humans are part of it without destroying it but preserving with awareness.

03SIDIAN compares electronic music with sounds of acoustic instruments. It mixes together the sweet and romantic sax sound of Jens Comén, with more acid sounds from different post club and dream wave cultures.

Bioluminescence is the memory of a day that started out badly, and was transformed by the vision of bioluminescent algae playing on the Sardinian coast. A day in which everything could have gone wrong, but which in the end left only a beautiful memory, the beauty of nature has always been there and we must remember that we are part of it.”

says 03SIDIAN

Bioluminescence is composed thanks to AUTOMA system, and Moog Minitaur and randomic pads from free software apps for ipad were also used.

AUTOMA‘ is a system that 03SIDIAN created on Octatrack sampler, which re-synthesises sound in real time, and with processes and automations programmed on the machine, creates musical structures and new sounds.

Jens Comén Is from Östersund, Sweden, saxophonist and composer. Enjoys playing everything from folk, rock and reggae to jazz and improvisation. His music training is from Folkmusik-musiker Kungliga Musikhögskolan 1999-2003, Jazzlinjen Birkagårdens fhsk.

03SIDIAN is collecting different collaborations with several acoustic musician around the world, like Mario Massa (Sardinia) trumpetist in Karl Johan. Nicolò Melocchi (India) with the Bansuri flute in Indian Forest. Jens Comén (Sweden) with his sax in Bioluminescence. 03SIDIAN is now working for the next release with Göran Månsson (Sweden), an his Folk flute.


released January 27, 2022
ARTWORK: Michele Uccheddu
MASTER: Tera Mastering




Playlist selected by the artist collective.

Listen on Spotify

SUPRANU Records Collective want to celebrate with all of you. 

This year has been an important year, full of novelty and creativity.

We have exceeded 100 releases, made new business contacts and strengthened our international contacts. 

We have started a festival “Music for Future”, promoting sound art in Sardinia and hoping to start an interesting cultural exchange with the cultures of northern Europe, such as Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

We would like to thank you all again for taking part in our events, for talking about us, for rejoicing and sharing important moments with us. 

We want to close this 2021 with a selection of ///FRESH/// music that we discovered this year.

You will find some names like 03SIDIAN, lcc01234art, Human Escape, Lapalux, Paolo Angeli, Burial, Alek Hidell, HNGVR, aya, Lotic, Dino Sabatini, Throwing Snow, XIII, Bjørn Torske, Prins Thomas, Hiro Kone, Speaker Music, Iosonouncane, Peter Talisman, Slugabed, Samuel Organ, Son Lux William Bell, Sleepy Rich, 

Artwork  Claudio Rosa

We wish you a happy new year and good listening.


ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist 

ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist 

ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist 

is a work consisting of a collection of “sound explorations” within the musical ecosystem of lcc01234art.
Each track can be interpreted as a planet where sound life forms live inside it. Inside the name of the tracks there are series of numbers that correspond to coordinates, each musical world has a precise position in the sound universe of lcc01234art, a universe composed of 2147483647 “spaces of possibility”.

The work takes up a musical aesthetic that crosses different areas of experimental music such as soundscape, glitch, IDM, noise etc., but without neglecting the melodic aspect. The music has an accelerationist and unpredictable character, and tries to take the listener into an abstract and surreal sound universe.

To fully understand this work it is necessary to dwell on the conceptual aspects that guide the artist’s work. The musician conceives art as if it were an “ecosystem” in which the sound material is “alive” and the artistic gesture is represented by the very vitality of the ecosystem; from this point of view, only when a sound changes autonomously is it a work of art.
For the artist it is not always the aesthetic-sound result that counts, but rather the evolutionary path of the sound; his aim is to supervise and select the most interesting results according to certain aesthetic canons, leaving plenty of room for “errors”. The aesthetics of error is fundamental to understand EEP, as the artist defines himself as “Error friendliness”, his role goes beyond the traditional composer, he is both author and spectator of his art, in fact he defines himself as meta-composer.

EEP is not only a musical work but also a visual one, the artwork of the 5 singles are imaginary scenarios based on fractals, where the sound is populated by the music of lcc01234art.
The artist, being an eclectic musician, has always had the need to catalog his music, to give it a musical genre, to give it a “place” or a “home” where it can exist, with this ‘last work was possible thanks to the creation of virtual worlds.

The sound worlds are described below, with the idea of giving sound a “physical” character, as if it were the organic matter of the planet itself.

RHEL (82726976)

RHEL is a soft, pulsating world in which melodic phrasing, immersed in a multitude of micro events, takes shape and deconstructs the mass.

RESS (82698383)

RESS is a temple in which airy percussion disrupts and illuminates the walls.
a luminous magma emerges from the backdrop that does not allow for rhythmic patterns.

MXAU (77886585)


MXAU is a planet full of constantly changing erosions in which the ground vibrates to the point of compressing and reversing the flow of time.

SIGN (83737178)

SIGN is a suspended world in which sound events float above underwater pulsations and melodic phrases move through space, reflecting on the water.

SAGE (83657169) feat STZIOPA

SAGE is an expanse of sound, masses emerge from the surface while shadows pulsate and extend into a boundless space. 


lcc01234art generative music system

To create this work the artist used a musical software that he developed during 4 years of research in the field of generative music and non-linearity in art. It was a project he also presented for his degree thesis, entitled: Spaces of Possibility – Musical device for improvisation.

In the future, the artist will continue her research in the field of generative art, exploring the potential of non-linearity and randomness in art, with the aim of developing interactive and synaesthetic environments for performance.

Acknowledgements and Credits

For this EP several musicians, bots and technicians have been involved, and we thank them with great affection for their participation, availability and professionalism.

Composers/Performers: lcc01234art, 03SIDIAN,  MAXVALUE32, AUTOMA03, stiziopa

Mix: Nicola Costa

Master: Tera Mastering


ONE – HUMAN ESCAPE: The Collection + One



Apple Music




ONE is the name of the new collection released by Human Escape on 14 October 2021

ONE is the latest track in the series of singles produced by the artist Human Escape.

ONE closes a series of releases that bring the artist Human Escape into the most listened to productions of SUPRANU Records.

A magical world created by mixing various genres such as dub, acid techno, dubstep, electronica, and more.

The use of the electric guitar acts as the glue in all his tracks, exploring unusual worlds that have not been explored until now.

Human Escape ONE collection is an exploration of new tonal possibilities through a mix of harmonious and acid sounds, noises and acoustic and electronic effects, that fluctuate and alternate real environments with surreal environments.

Artwork: Michele Uccheddu, Jenni Österlund
Social strategies: Emanuele Balia
Public Relations: Diego Soddu
Management: Michele Uccheddu
Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)



Lost at midnight Hngvr’s remix

Lost at Midnight is the new remix of HNGVR for SUPRANU Records

Music Links

Click on your favorite link to listen or download this track

HNGVR‘s Remix Lost at Midnight is out in all digital stores and streaming platforms.

The Remix is made from the track “Indian Forest” released in last July by 03SIDIAN and the Bansuri flutist Nicolò Melocchi.

When I first listened to the original I immediately fell in love with its mystic & tribal vibes and it came by itself to ask 03SIDIAN if I could put my hands on it and remix it. I involuntarily turned it into a 8 mins track, the longest I’ve ever composed. I added a deep Reese bassline and chopped the flute in a repetitive, hypnotic way, imagining myself lost in a Indian forest in the middle of the night. Hope you enjoy it!


“look outside” NEW SINGLE BY HUMAN ESCAPE: The eternal struggle between dub and dubstep.

The eternal struggle between dub and dubstep.
The softness of dub versus wobble bass within a hip hop groove, a triplet cadence and a melancholy melody. Reggae reminiscences mixed with synthwave.

A sound research within a mix of genres that, as the title says, shows the intention of looking outside the box of “Pre-packaged Genres”.

Human Escape continues, with the track “Look Outside“, as in the previous singles, the exploration of new tonal possibilities through a mix of harmonious and acid sounds, noises, acoustic and electronic effects, that fluctuate and alternate real environments with surreal environments.

Human Escape want to celebrate every form of escape from our own cages.


Artwork: Jenni Österlund

Social strategies: Emanuele Balia

Public Relations: Diego Soddu

Management: Michele Uccheddu

Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)


INDIAN FOREST: avant-garde electronic music by 03SIDIAN with Nicolò Melocchi

Indian Forest

Is a journey that starts from within human existence, passes through the green forests of the world, connects insects and all living beings on the path with the roots.

The path is dark, not without fear, but a spiritual guide accompanies this soul through intertwining leaves and branches, until it brings it to the doors of its change.

Indian Forest contains in itself a very important message, it does not want to dazzle the observer, it wants the observer to understand how beautiful simplicity is, it wants this simplicity to be preserved, because it is the basis of happiness and survival.

03SIDIAN composes Indian Forest with the special collaboration of Nicolò Melocchi at the Bansuri Flute. The Flute musical part represents the guide, which illuminates the way and drives the listener to accept the simplicity of happiness. This journey is represented with his instrumental part, taken from the classical Indian music Raga Durga

Nicolò Melocchi Flutist, disciple of Maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia, ambassador of Indian music and the bansuri flute in Italy


03SIDIAN continues its collaborations with musicians present in the international music scene, with whom it shares a common thought of hope and awareness thanks to music.

Indian Forest is a track that recalls club sounds and settings, but does not allow it to belong to any genre, maintaining its timbre and compositional independence.

Master: Tera Mastering
Artwork: Michele Uccheddu
Model: Jenni Österlund
Bansuri Flute: Nicolò Melocchi


SIGN: avant-garde, generative music by lcc01234art

SIGN (83737178) is a suspended world, where sound events float above underwater pulsations and phrasing melodics move in space, reflecting on the water.

ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist is a work composed of a collection of “sound explorations’ within the music ecosystem of lcc01234art.

Each track can be interpreted as a planet where forms of sound life live within it.

Within the name of the tracks there are series of numbers that correspond to coordinates, each musical world has a precise position in the sound universe of lcc01234art, a universe made up of 2147483647 spaces of possibility.


Music: lcc01234art
Mix: Nicola Costa
Master: Tera Mastering
Management: Michele Uccheddu
Artwork: Emanuele Balia

lcc01234art – SIGN is also available in VR mode for desktop and smart-phones.

If you want to explore the Artwork of SIGN in 3D, click on the button.


“EVENINGS” NEW SINGLE BY HUMAN ESCAPE: a track that stimulates the imagination and new happy experiences.

EVENINGS is the new single by Human Escape, released by SUPRANU Records.

The acid of the 90s that comes into contact with the IDM, a style in its own right, not identifiable in a single genre. The swinged beat and the alluring melody will transport you to a new fantastic journey.

“It is a track that stimulates the imagination and new happy experiences”.

Human Escape continues, with the track “evenings”, the exploration of new tonal possibilities through a mix of harmonious and acid sounds, noises and acoustic and electronic effects, that fluctuate and alternate real environments with surreal environments.


Artwork: Jenni Österlund

Social strategies: Emanuele Balia

Public Relations: Diego Soddu

Management: Michele Uccheddu

Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)




Collision Art Collective Hang out: connection, good vibes and music selections.

Culture Hang out with Collision Art Collective every Friday in the Collective Studio at Storgatan 18 Jakobstad, Finland

Come hang out with the Collision team and fellow artists. Wind down after the week and find interesting discussions and people.

Culture Hang out is a new way for artist of Collision Art Collective to create connections and meet people, interacting together and discussing art and culture.

After the lock down for covid-19 SUPRANU Records Collective and Collision Art Collective decided to open a studio/exhibition in the center of Jakobstad in Finland.

in the studio we present COLLISION FESTIVAL, a festival where contemporary arts collide, the program is spread during May and June/July.

A place where there will be not only COLLISION FESTIVAL but exhibitions, windows expositions with international artists and a little shop where to find artworks by local artists and SUPRANU Music releases, a place where to find a coffé and good people to speak with.

Culture Hang out

“Thanks to everyone who came to the Culture Hang last Friday!

This was the first of many Culture hangs in Collisions studio at Storgatan 18. We were surprised and so happy about the amount of people who joined us. The aim of the event is to provide a platform for artists, culture workers and students to meet and discuss. But also a relaxed environment where to wind down after the week. 

The positive feedback was overwhelming and we hope this will continue to be a meeting point for new ideas, discussions and meetings”.


Music for a new perception: “La Stanza nel Deserto – Refutando lo ilusorio y Revelando lo Profundo” the track here.

Refutando Lo llusorio y Revelando Lo Profundo

“A sound that guides towards the depth and not towards the extension. Every moment is a day, a year, a life. The perception of time is deeply linked to our vital state and hence mental. Music played in 432 Hz, Composed and recorded to create a sound that opens the doors of perception to the listener.”

One of the single extract from the album Ren-ge which is the fifth of a record exalogy:

Nam (Artigianarte Editrice 2009), Myo (SMF 2010), Ho (SMF 2012) , Cause and Effect (Denovali Records 2013).

Ren-ge brings together different languages, electronic, jazz, intuitive music, aleatory music, tribal correspondences.

The result is an ambient music that can be defined as a contemporary classic.

The timbre solutions pass through lyrical moments and the sound is processed with the electronics.


Mario Massa Trumpet,

Diego Soddu Guitar/Electronic,

Mixa Fortuna Vox,

Mix/Mastering, Diego Soddu,

Original Artwork REN-Ge, Attilio Baghino

Title artowork, Michele Uccheddu


Karl Johan – 03SIDIAN. Percussions, Synthesis and love for nature.

Karl Johan is the first single by 03SIDIAN released on 30/04/2021 with SUPRANU Records

Karl Johan by 03SIDIAN is a track with round sounds and an introspective character, in which Mario Massa’s trumpet is inserted, which tells distant and moving stories.

Karl Johan is a liberating dance, a happy cry for an awakening of one’s conscience.

03SIDIAN begins a series of releases composed with a new technique called reverse synthesis.

03SIDIAN focuses his research on the functioning of the natural world, imitating some concepts, without following scientific rules. It takes into account actions such as absorption, or adaptation, reactivity, instincts, character characteristics and the connection in action and reaction between the different forms of life.

AUTOMA, is the name of the system with which the artist is able to express himself with different sources, using the voice or percussion or any other sound source, instantly transforming those sounds into organized music with an ever-evolving and dependent timbre character. from the surrounding sound environment.


Trumpet: Mario Massa

Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vinci)

Social and Communication: Emanuele Balia, Michele Uccheddu

Public Relations: Diego Soddu, Marco Salaris

Graphic Design: Michele Uccheddu



MXAU (77886585) by l c c 0 1 2 3 4 a r t & 03SIDIAN

MXAU is a generative electronic music piece by lcc01234art and belongs to the sound exploration collection called ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist.

The piece was born from the interaction of two “full generative” systems capable of generating music without any interaction of the performer. The music systems developed by the musicians lcc01234art and 03SIDIAN are called MAXVALUE32 and AUTOMA03 and belong to two different categories of instruments, the first is software, the second is hardware.

The two “musical bots” alternate in the composition of the song using an approach that derives from the club and Djing culture: the “back to back” or b2b.
The “back2back” is a practice of interaction between two DJs during a live dj set, in which alternating, they propose their own music playlists and try to create a fluid set without interruptions, with organic changes between one song and another.

In the case of MXAU the back2back becomes bot2bot, the musicians have made some parts of the song generate by their bots, and by identifying the transition points, they have created a uniform musical structure.
During the experimentation phase, various concepts and solutions emerged, which make it possible to expand the catalog of the possibilities of this well-established approach.


As for the operation and architecture of the individual bots, we refer to one of our next articles, in this section we will focus on the compositional method of the piece.
Each composition begins with a musical proposal of the first bot “X” (in this case MAXVALUE32), which is subsequently developed by the second bot “Y” (AUTOMA03). current we have identified two musical structures, the first called New Direction which we will indicate with the letters AB, the second called Time Inversion also defined as! A.

New Direction:

In this musical form the “Y” bot uses the “tail” of the song previously generated by the X bot, using it as a sound source for a possible transformation, in order to create a new direction. This approach recalls the classic “AB” structure.

Time Reversal:

In this case the bot Y, instead of creating a change of direction, compared to the first part of the song, proposes a re-elaborated version of the performance of the bot X, in a mirror image, using the tail of the previous section as a starting point, to the temporal rewind. We have formalized this structure with the symbol “! A”.

For the song MXAU the musicians have indicated, to their respective bots, to use the structure based on the Time Inversion, this approach has allowed to experiment in an original way on the concept of linear temporality and on the concept of sampling, the latter used as a kind of “Short-term memory”, extended to large time windows.


MXAU è un brano di musica elettronica generativa di lcc01234art ed appartiene alla raccolta di esplorazioni sonore chiamata ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist.

Il brano nasce dall’ interazione di due sistemi “full generative” in grado di generare musica senza alcuna interazione del performer. I sistemi musicali sviluppati dai musicisti lcc01234art e 03SIDIAN si chiamano MAXVALUE32 e AUTOMA03 ed appartengono a due diverse categorie di strumenti, il primo è software, il secondo è hardware.

 I due “bot musicali” si alternano nella composizione del brano utilizzando un approccio che deriva dalla cultura club e del Djing: il “back to back” o b2b.

 Il “back2back” è una pratica di interazione tra due DJ durante un dj set dal vivo, nel quale  alternandosi, propongono le proprie playlist  musicali e cercano di creare un set fluido senza interruzioni, con cambiamenti organici tra un brano e l’ altro.

Nel caso di MXAU il back2back diventa bot2bot, i musicisti hanno fatto generare alcune parti del brano ai propri bot, e individuando dei punti di transizione, hanno creato una struttura musicale uniforme.

Durante la fase di sperimentazione sono emerse diverse nozioni e soluzioni, che consentono di ampliare il catalogo delle possibilità di questo approccio ormai consolidato.



Per quanto riguarda il funzionamento e l’ architettura dei singoli bot rimandiamo a uno dei nostri prossimi articoli, in questa sezione ci soffermeremo sulla modalità compositiva del brano. 

Ogni composizione inizia con una proposta musicale del primo bot “X” (in questo caso MAXVALUE32), che successivamente viene sviluppata  dal secondo bot“Y”(AUTOMA03)  Il nostro focus è stato quello di cercare diverse soluzioni per evolvere il brano, allo stato attuale abbiamo individuato due strutture musicali, la prima chiamata Nuova Direzione che indicheremo con le lettere AB, la seconda chiamata Inversione Temporale definita anche come !A.

Nuova Direzione:

In questa forma musicale il bot “Y” si serve della “coda” del brano generato precedentemente dal bot X, utilizzandola come fonte sonora per una possibile trasformazione, in modo da creare una nuova direzione. Questo approccio richiama la classica struttura “AB”.

Inversione Temporale:

In questo caso il bot Y, invece di creare un cambio di direzione, rispetto alla prima parte del brano, ripropone una versione rielaborata della performance del bot X, in maniera speculare, utilizzando la coda della sezione precedente come punto di partenza, per il rewind temporale. Questa struttura l’abbiamo formalizzata con il simbolo ”!A”.

Per il brano MXAU i musicisti hanno indicato, ai rispettivi bot, di utilizzare la struttura basata sull’ Inversione Temporale, questo approccio ha consentito di sperimentare in modo originale sul concetto di temporalità lineare e sul concetto di campionamento, quest’ultimo utilizzato a mò di “memoria a breve termine”,  esteso a grandi finestre temporali.


BRILLIANT – Human Escape

Brilliant is the new single by Human Escape, released by SUPRANU Records on April 15, 2021 on all digital streaming and sales platforms.

Human Escape continues, with the track Brilliant, as in the first two singles “The Bird is Flying” and “A Good Taste”, the exploration of new tonal possibilities through a mix of harmonious and acid sounds, noises and acoustic and electronic effects, that fluctuate and alternate real environments with surreal environments.

Brilliant has a positive and sunny character  and is composed with an open and relaxed melody.

The Beat is colored by patterns built on the classic Roland 303.

The track has a strong psychedelic glitch and acid Post-Club component.


Artwork: Jenni Österlund
Social strategies: Emanuele Balia
Public Relations: Diego Soddu
Management: Michele Uccheddu
Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)


Longing is the Core of Mystery

SUPRANU Records team is glad to announce the release of the new album Longing is the Core of Mystery” by Juergen Groezinger on April 8th for all digital stores and streaming platforms Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, ,Tesla, Bandcamp and many more.

Music composed by composer Juergen Groezinger and performed by two ensembles European Music Project and Madih Ensemble Kairo a disc divided into eight tracks that are part of a single live recording. 

The entire opera was performed in 2003 with the intention of bringing together Western music with Eastern music, creating a work that oscillates between Classical and World Music.

Longing is the Core of Mystery

The ancient Madih chants, the Arabic modes and rhythms, meet sounds and grooves of modern western classical music. 

When the charismatic and virtuoso Sufi singer Sheik Arabi Farag surrenders to music among the musicians of both ensembles, a euphoric attraction is created that almost no one can escape. The encounter between the traditional Madih ensemble and a western formation is not just a first-class musical adventure, but a highly exciting dialogue that demands all the senses. 

Overcoming cultural barriers through the power of vital music and spiritual singing a musical and intellectual exceptional event at the highest level.

Link Juergen Groezinger:    website Spotify Youtube


Madih Ensemble

Sheikh Arabi Farag: Sufi-Voice
Ahmad Arnab: Kawala
Roman Bunka: Oud
Issam El Mallah: Riqq, Mazhar

European Music Project

Jan Gebauer: Narrator
Fried Dähn: Electric Cello
Jürgen Grözinger: Drums, Vibraphone & musical direction
Wolfgang Bender: Violin
Salma Sadek: Violin
Miriam Goetting: Viola
Mathis Mayr: Cello
Mario Frezzato: English Horn
Lucia Clementi: Harp
Markus Romes: Fender Rhodes Electric Piano
Joachim Glasstetter: Electronics

words are taken from poems by Hāfez and Jalal-e-Din Molavi Rumi

Live Recorded (2003) and Mastered by Matthias Mezger and Joachim Glasstetter


R E S S new Single by l c c 1 2 3 4 a r t

RESS 82698383
by l c c 0 1 2 3 4 a r t


RESS is a temple in which airy percussion disturbs and illuminates the walls, from the backdrop a luminous magma emerges that does not allow rhythmic trends.

ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist is a work composed of a collection of “sound explorations” within the music ecosystem of lcc01234art.

Each track can be interpreted as a planet where forms of sound life live within it.

Within the name of the tracks there are series of numbers that correspond to coordinates, each musical world has a precise position in the sound universe of lcc01234art, a universe made up of 2147483647 spaces of possibility.


Music: lcc01234art
Mix: Nicola Costa
Master: Tera Mastering
Management: Michele Uccheddu
Public Relations: Diego Soddu


A GOOD TASTE, lo-fi and synth wave influence in the new single by HUMAN ESCAPE

A GOOD TASTE – Human Escape (Single release)

A GOOD TASTE is a track with a hypnotic beat lo-fi style and melodies made with chemical sounds.

Human Escape explore different genre of music, without ever losing its characteristic sound.
Small touches of his guitar to give it color and personality

A GOOD TASTE is a dive into the world of lo-fi and hip-hop beat with an acid melody that leads to a psychedelic and colorful journey.

The track is available for streaming on Spotify


Artwork: Jenni Österlund
Social strategies: Emanuele Balia, Riccardo Pisanu
Public Relations: Diego Soddu
Management: Michele Uccheddu
Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)


La sacralidad de la vida by La Stanza nel Deserto

Mario Massa Trumpet,
Diego Soddu Guitar/Electronic,
Mixa Fortuna Vox
Mix/Mastering, Diego Soddu
Original Artwork REN-Ge, Attilio Baghino Single Version Artwork, Michele Uccheddu

La sacralidad de la vida released today 25/02/2021 in all digital platforms

La sacralidad de la vida is one of the single taken from the album Ren-ge which is the fifth of a record exalogy:

Nam (Artigianarte Editrice 2009), Myo (SMF 2010), Ho (SMF 2012) , Cause and Effect (Denovali Records 2013).

La sacralidad de la vida brings together different languages, electronic, jazz, intuitive music, aleatory music, tribal correspondences.

The result is an ambient music that can be defined as a contemporary classic.

The timbre solutions pass through lyrical moments and the sound is processed with the electronics.


Moira Chant avant-garde Jazz album by MixaFortuna, Marco Ferrazza and Mario Massa

Moira Chant is the title of the new album Released by SUPRANU Records on 18 – 02 – 2021

Available for streaming in Spotify and Imusic, soon on Bandcamp for Physical copies.

Moira Chant is an intimate and experimental Journey where, the voice of the singer and performer Mixa Fortuna, the sound of the trumpet player Mario Massa are mixed together, in 8 avant-garde tracks, by the composer Marco Ferrazza.

“We wanted to create an album that was strict and poetic. This album makes sense if listened entirely. In the first part compositions are linked to contemporary languages and so to all their impulses. Track by track the album becomes more intimate. The communicative urgency had to be felt. Our intention was to represent contemporary human nature”.

Mario Massa, composer and trumpeter, released by international labels as Denovali Records with “Cause and Effect”, an album with Z’ev ” Ho “. In 2020 Antonio Capuano Italian film director included his music for the film “Il buco in testa”.

Marco Ferrazza, composer of electroacoustic and experimental music, in his work he constantly investigates relations between computer music and sound research, field recording and improvisation. www.marcoferrazza.com

Mixa Fortuna, voice performer of theatrical and belcanto school, with a ritual approach, overtone singing, author and actress, co-founder of Distilleria TerzoSegnale.


Artwork: Maria Francesca Angius

Trumpet / Piccolo Trumpet / Electronics: Mario Massa

Voice and lyrics: Mixa Fortuna

Electronics / Field Recordings: Marco Ferrazza

Master Engineer and Arranger: Marco Ferrazza

Esecutive producer: Michele Uccheddu

Communication: Emanuele Balia, Michele Uccheddu

Public Relations and Social: Diego Soddu, Marco Salaris

Graphic design manager: Claudio Rosa

Management and Marketing: Michele Uccheddu, Emanuele Balia

Press Communication: Stefano Manconi


l c c 0 1 2 3 4 a r t – R H E L out on Spotify


RHEL is a soft world that pulsates, in which melodic phrasing, immersed in a multitude of micro events that takes shape and deconstructs the mass.

ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist is a work composed of a collection of "sound explorations" within the music ecosystem of lcc01234art.Each track can be interpreted as a planet where sound life forms live within it. Within the tracks’ names there are series of numbers that correspond to coordinates, each musical world has a precise position in the sound universe of lcc01234art, a universe made up of 2147483647 spaces of possibilities.

l c c 0 1 2 3 4 a r t

lcc01234art is a journey by a multifaceted artist who comes across avant-garde concepts and popular beliefs, in which very different aesthetics can coexist. In his music there is a bit of him, a bit of his machine and a bit of you, something is pleasant and something is not but it is part of the game, the randomness.

His compositional activity is influenced by concepts that belong to the world of "not linearity", and is supported by multiple techniques of musical generation. This approach allows the creation of musical pieces in an autonomous way, which maintain a certain identity and independence, compared to the composer's will.


Music: lcc01234art

Mix: Nicola Costa

Master: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)

Web/social: Michele Uccheddu, Emanuele Balia

Banner: Claudio Rosa

Pr: Marco Salaris


The Bird is Flying, the new single by Human Escape


Is out now, The Bird is Flying is the first of a series of singles, out this next year, by Human Escape.

The Bird is Flying is an ambient song, free from structures, it is a journey through an exploration of new tonal and compositional possibilities. It moves through a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds, noises and effects, which fluctuate and alternate real environments with digital environments. A song that for Human Escape represents the beginning of a journey to new worlds.


Artwork: Sara Östman
Banner: Claudio Rosa
Social strategies: Emanuele Balia, Riccardo Pisanu
Public Relations: Marco Salaris
Management: Michele Uccheddu
Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)




New energies are floating around our label, new artists are now part of a collective that has been working a lot during the past years.

SUPRANU Collective now counts 7 artists who are helping and managing the label in different ways. We Are happy to show you our January Releases! It’s the preview of this month in music.

Music and Art never let you down! 

Stay with us and you will be a revolutionary listener!

/ latente / SANATANA and Claudio Rosa

Photography and music Inside an handmade book available on bandcamp

The Bird Is Flying by Human Escape

the first release for our new artist. Electronic music and taste of chemical journeys, a mix between acoustic and electronic that bring you up.

Rhel (882726976) by lcc01234art

Composition and Programming are living together in this new abstract and generative concept. Bring the listener to feel music in a new way.




Playlist selected by the artist collective.

Listen on spotify and itunes 

This year has been very unpredictable, the collective SUPRANU has been working together to find new ways to collaborate and produce art. 

We are looking forward to show you all new releases and introducing new artists and speak about our new international collaborations of 2021…soon

We want to close 2020 with a selection of ///FRESH/// music that we discovered in this year. SUPRANU artist collective selected 67 songs for 5 hour of music. We want to give you new hints or suggestions for the new year. Music and Art is evolving fast and new kind of expressions are possible thanks to the evolution of electronic hardwares, and thanks to the new human ethics we can meet each other and reflect on different topics, that are tied to normal life and evolution of the human being. In this scenario, robotics and technologies are working to develop new intelligences, that can help humanity to evolve in the digital and technological field. This Playlist is the outcome of our artists selection, differences are part of the collective world, and here we are. A mix of the best we found in this 2020.

You will find some names like 03SIDIAN, Liquid Stone Trio, La Stanza nel Deserto, Autechre, Kelpe, Darkstar, Perko, SaffronKeira, Gold Panda ,Tom Hall, Shifted, Rival Consoles, Tsuruda, Thomas Koner, Uji, Nicolas Jaar, KA:AST, Four Tet, Regis, Gamayun ,Mattheis  Tornado Wallace, Claudio Prc,… and many others.

Artwork  Claudio Rosa

Apple Music – iTunes selection by Overplane

We wish you happy new year and good listening.


Anteprima(si apre in una nuova scheda)


New Release Reggaeton Experimental 2020


ARTIFICIAL LOVE: Reggaeton Edition

Various Artists is a collective of artists from different music field and label, who worked together for SUPRANU Records’s “OPEN CALL“ on Experimental Reggaeton.

The team of SUPRANU Records launches his first open call for a collective compilation of “Experimental Reggaeton” in tune with the innovative attitude on which the label states:

“Although the actual quarantine might prolong for the following months, we still want to enjoy the summer spirit which music can offer so we decided to launch an open call for “experimental Reggaeton” to every musician which is into the challenge. Taking inspiration from a music genre which was born in the Central America and which during the years has been spread to the Occidental sonic universe, this call is meant to be an experience to connect composers and producers which aim to redefine a genre, by exploring its borders and by experimenting new expressive ways.”

DJ Perła
Regular Citizen
Prd Madre


releases July 30, 2020

Mastering – Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)
Produced and released – SUPRANU Records
Project Management – Michele Uccheddu
Idea and Artistic Management – Emanuele Balia
Communication – Stefano Manconi
Artwork and Brand Management – Claudio Rosa


Video Emanuele Massa

Festival ideato e diretto dal collettivo artistico di SUPRANU Records

MUSIC FOR FUTURE il festival indipendente organizzato dal Collettivo di SUPRANU Records, alla sua seconda edizione.

SUPRANU Records è un’etichetta discografica, composta da un collettivo di artisti che collaborano assieme con lo scopo di pubblicare musica sperimentale, promuovere l’innovazione delle tecnologie nell’arte, preservare il “sottobosco artistico” nel quale si muovono le correnti dell’avanguardia, creare un ponte tra artisti presenti nella scena sperimentale collaborando in contesti internazionali.

L’etichetta SUPRANU Records nasce nel 2018 grazie alla volontà del musicista sardo Michele Uccheddu, di impegnarsi nella produzione e pubblicazione di musica d’avanguardia e sperimentale.


“L’iniziativa nasce dall’esigenza di promuovere e salvaguardare una realtà artistica in crescita, per gli artisti è un momento importante di condivisione del proprio lavoro con il pubblico.

Il dialogo e la connessione tra le persone è il fine di queste manifestazioni, lo scambio di opinioni e la condivisione di esperienze sono importanti vettori di cultura e conoscenza.

Per il collettivo SUPRANU, “MUSIC FOR FUTURE” è un momento di festa, è il momento nel quale ci si incontra e si condivide con il pubblico il percorso artistico del collettivo. “

E’ realizzato grazie al supporto e collaborazione di diverse realtà locali presenti nel territorio come Associazioni, Collettivi, Attività commerciali per questo ringraziamo tutte le persone impegnate, Ottovolante Sulcis APS, Collision Art Collective dalla Finlandia, SpazioMusica, Ticonzero, Sardegna sonora, Cantina di Santadi, Chiosco la Playa De L’amor, Italia Nostra, The Beat goes On!!*Art Show, Studio Terzomolare, Academia Terra APS.

MUSIC FOR FUTURE 2022 Sarà un’edizione più grande rispetto a quella precedente. 

Gli appuntamenti di Presentazione del festival saranno due, con arte in esposizione, talk, selezioni musicali e vernissage di vini offerti dalla Cantina di Santadi. 

Due gli eventi con concerti e dj set, ma anche laboratori e workshop


Sara Östman, illustratrice Finlandese, live painting su materiali abbandonati. 

Jenni Österlund visual artist e dj Finlandese, impegnata con un’esposizione di opere di carta riciclata “OMENA” e duei Dj set. 

Thom Oab grafico e sound artist, propone una selezione di produzioni originali prodotte durante gli ultimi anni. Il suo stile musicale va dalla musica Sperimentale elettronica alla Bass music e Dubstep

Daniele Ledda / CLAVIUS Presenta il suo lavoro con uno dei suoi strumenti autocostruiti, che si ispirano al “piano preparato” di John Cage, e live electronics. Con CLAVIUS l’artista e docente del conservatorio di Cagliari, sperimenta le possibilità di fusione tra analogico e digitale.

Stefano Manconi (synth modulari) + Giacomo Salis (percussioni) presentano un set nel quale percussioni, elettronica, field recordings e altro diventano, a turno, il canovaccio che guida l’improvvisazione. 

03SIDIAN Esplora le relazioni tra suoni naturali, poliritmi e melodie dilatate appartenenti alla musica ambient e meditativa. Una ricerca che usa un linguaggio moderno per entrare nella sfera rituale/spirituale della società attuale.

j-mve  fonde il mondo della chitarra elettrica con quello dell’ elettronica analogica. Utilizzando un registratore a cassette e un campionatore, crea musica con beats e sonorità tipiche dei generi musicali lofi, hip hop e trap.

stziopa la sua ricerca musicale trascende le distinzioni di ambient, techno e house attraverso un approccio minimalista, caratterizzato da pochi elementi e teso a esaltare la coesistenza tra questi in un continuum spazio-temporale.

Human Escape presenta la sua produzione  del 2022 “Places in Nowhere”, un lavoro ispirato alla wave music, in uscita prossimamente su supporto audiocassetta e digitale.

lcc01234art porta innovazione tra musica generativa e mondi tridimensionali. L’ artista da anni interessato alla creatività computazionale, esplora l’estetica del virtuale proponendo una visione post-umana dell’ arte, caratterizzata da una musica meccanica e patinata.

SANĀTANA presenta in concerto il risultato della residenza in Finlandia con il progetto “EXPLORING SOUNDS” diretta dall’artista Michele Uccheddu di SUPRANU Records. Un lavoro che utilizza suoni naturali registrati in Finlandia e vibrazioni sonore curative.

Claudio Rosa / gramigna

Visual artist, originario di Sant’Antioco, porta avanti la sua doppia ricerca sulla percezione visiva e sul riutilizzo di oggetti del consumo di massa caratterizzati da una forte geometricità. La sua pratica artistica incontra la musica sia come graphic designer dell’attività di SUPRANU Records sia come selecta con influenze che partendo dall’Hip Hop spaziano verso altri generi ricercando la commistione e la sperimentazione.

Chiara Caredda Chiara Caredda è un’artista visiva la cui pratica si focalizza sui meccanismi della memoria e del ricordo attraverso l’immagine. Nella sua ricerca predilige l’utilizzo della fotografia e il collage analogico. Recentemente si avvicina alla pratica della selezione musicale con un approccio eterogeneo ispirato alla tecnica del collage.

TALK FOR FUTURE Incontro preliminare

TALK FOR FUTURE – 28.07.2022 Studio Terzomolare (via San Giuseppe n. 17 – Cagliari)

A pochi giorni dall festival MUSIC FOR FOR FUTURE 2022, i collettivi e le associazioni organizzatrici incontrano Transhumanza e Progetto Contemporaneo per raccontare reciprocamente esperienze passate e progetti prossimi, interrogarsi sullo stato dell’arte in Sardegna e oltre, chiacchierare su strategie di collaborazione e (auto)produzione.

Un momento di condivisione che, oltrepassando confini geografici e ideali, vuole essere uno strumento di crescita collettiva.

Partecipano: SUPRANU Records, Ottovolante Sulcis APS, Collision Art Collective (Finlandia), Transhumanza, Progetto Contemporaneo, Cantina di Santadi, Spaziomusica, Ticonzero. 

Mostra “OMENA” sul tema della comunicazione e relazioni tra persone, di Jenni Österlund (Finlandia) le opere sono realizzate con carta riciclata e dipinti con polpa di carta.

Selezione musicale a cura di SUPRANU Records.

Vernissage ad offerta libera con vini della Cantina di Santadi

Presentazione e programmazione eventi

The Beat Goes On !! * Art Show

02.08.2022 corso Vittorio Emanuele n. 57 – Sant’Antioco (SU)

21:00 / 23:00 ingresso gratuito

Presentazione del festival MUSIC FOR FUTURE 2022

Un occasione di incontro col pubblico, per presentare il festival, conoscere gli ospiti e i partner coinvolti in questa nuova edizione.

Esposizione del lavoro fotografico e audio / latente / di Claudio Rosa & SANĀTANA.

Selezione musicale curata da SUPRANU Records.

Vernissage ad offerta libera con i vini della Cantina di Santadi

Foto: Claudio Rosa


07.08.2022 Torre Canai (Sant’Antioco)

20:00 / 02:00 ingresso gratuito


Ambient drone, modular synthesizer, experimental bass music e techno.

Gli artisti si esibiranno sul palco allestito ai piedi della torre Canai.

La località:

Torre Spagnola costruita nel 1757 progettata dall’ingegnere militare Vallin. La Torre sorge sul capo su moru, promontorio meridionale dell’isola di Sant’Antioco, conosciuto come Turri.


Thom Oab alias di Gabriele Serrau, ritaglia e ricompone bozze e impulsi provenienti da scenari diversi e contrastanti, dando forma a momenti di ambiguità e spaesamento.

Pubblicato nel 2020 da SUPRANU Records nella compilation Artificial Love:Reggaeton Edition, su tutte le piattaforme digitali.

LIVE SET / CONCERTI 21:00 – 02:00

SANĀTANA – ambient/drone music

j-mve – Elettronica Sperimentale improvvisazione

stziopa – Modular set ambient techno – improvvisazione

Thom Oab – Sperientale, Elettronica, Bass, Dubstep


Fittmagikern – Trib/techno/dub

Vernissage ad offerta libera con i vini della Cantina di Santadi

Foto: Emanuele Massa


13.08.2022 Spiaggia di Porto Botte (Giba)

10:00 02:00 ingresso gratuito


Generativa, Elettroacustica sperimentale, improvvisazione elettronica, ambient, drone music, techno dub/raw/hypnotic, synth wave

Gli artisti si esibiranno di fronte al mare, nel chiosco de La Playa dell’Amor 9 concerti, 3 dj set, 2 laboratori/workshop 1 Live Painting, per celebrare l’anno di produzione e le nuove collaborazioni del collettivo SUPRANU Records.

La località:

Conosciuta per i suoi bacini lacustri occupati da praterie a Ruppia e Entheromorpha intestinalis. Le steppe salate che circoscrivono i bacini conferiscono al sito un’ottima qualità naturalistica.


Daniele Ledda / Clavius – sperimenta le possibilità di fusione tra analogico e digitale, spingendo al limite l’idea di preparazione fino a giungere alla definizione più consona di strumento aumentato pilotato analogicamente da una tastiera.

Sara Östman – Illustratrice Finlandese di Collision Art Collective (FI) Durante il Festival creerà ed esporrà un murale, dipinto e assemblato con materiale riciclato, che riflette sul tema del festival “musica per il futuro” e consapevolezza della sostenibilità.

Jenni Österlund – Visual artist e dj con il nome di Fittmagikern, fondatrice di Collision Art Collective (FI), Terrà un laboratorio di carta riciclata e creazione di dipinti con polpa di carta. La notte in veste di dj Fittmagikern propone un dj set techno con forti richiami alla natura.


Chiara Caredda – Elettronica

Gramigna – Hip Hop Sperimentale

LIVE SET / CONCERTI 20:30 – 00:00

Daniele Ledda / CLAVIUS – Elettroacustica sperimentale

lcc01234art – Electronic/Generative Fake music – Produzioni

Stefano Manconi & Giacomo Salis – Improvvisazione su synth modulare e percussioni

03SIDIAN –  Club, bass music e Improvvisazione

HUMAN ESCAPE – live di presentazione album “PLACES IN NOWHERE”

DJ SET CHIUSURA 00:00 – 02:00

M.U. – dub/hypnotic/techno

Fittmagikern – raw/hypnotic/techno

Marco Manconi – Jungle


Foto: Emanuele Massa



– SOUNDWALK con Marco Salaris – Sardegna Sonora

Luogo: presso la laguna di porto botte. Prenotazione libera, inizio ore 10:00 – 11:30

– SESSIONE DI BIOSONOLOGIA con Marco Salaris Prenotazione a pagamento, inizio ore 15:00 – 20:00

Informazioni, costi e prenotazioni:
(+39) 346 8598213 – Marco
Cell, Whatsapp, Telegram



Ingresso libero

Luogo: Chiosco La Playa Dell’Amor (Portobotte – Giba)

ore 18:00 – 20:00

Laboratorio di carta riciclata e polpa di carta con l’artista finlandese Jenni Österlund – Collision Art Collective


Per info e prenotazioni muaudace@gmail.com tel +358449563059

Direttore artistico: Emanuele Balia

Management, produzione, web e comunicazione: Michele Uccheddu

Visual e idea grafica: Claudio Rosa

Sponsor e pubbliche relazioni: Marco Salaris

Comunicazione e Web: SUPRANU Records collective

Foto: Emanuele Massa, Claudio Rosa

Video: Emanuele Massa