BRILLIANT – Human Escape

Brilliant is the new single by Human Escape, released by SUPRANU Records on April 15, 2021 on all digital streaming and sales platforms.

Human Escape continues, with the track Brilliant, as in the first two singles “The Bird is Flying” and “A Good Taste”, the exploration of new tonal possibilities through a mix of harmonious and acid sounds, noises and acoustic and electronic effects, that fluctuate and alternate real environments with surreal environments.

Brilliant has a positive and sunny character  and is composed with an open and relaxed melody.

The Beat is colored by patterns built on the classic Roland 303.

The track has a strong psychedelic glitch and acid Post-Club component.


Artwork: Jenni Österlund
Social strategies: Emanuele Balia
Public Relations: Diego Soddu
Management: Michele Uccheddu
Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)

Longing is the Core of Mystery

SUPRANU Records team is glad to announce the release of the new album Longing is the Core of Mystery” by Juergen Groezinger on April 8th for all digital stores and streaming platforms Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, ,Tesla, Bandcamp and many more.

Music composed by composer Juergen Groezinger and performed by two ensembles European Music Project and Madih Ensemble Kairo a disc divided into eight tracks that are part of a single live recording. 

The entire opera was performed in 2003 with the intention of bringing together Western music with Eastern music, creating a work that oscillates between Classical and World Music.

Longing is the Core of Mystery

The ancient Madih chants, the Arabic modes and rhythms, meet sounds and grooves of modern western classical music. 

When the charismatic and virtuoso Sufi singer Sheik Arabi Farag surrenders to music among the musicians of both ensembles, a euphoric attraction is created that almost no one can escape. The encounter between the traditional Madih ensemble and a western formation is not just a first-class musical adventure, but a highly exciting dialogue that demands all the senses. 

Overcoming cultural barriers through the power of vital music and spiritual singing a musical and intellectual exceptional event at the highest level.

Link Juergen Groezinger:    website Spotify Youtube


Madih Ensemble

Sheikh Arabi Farag: Sufi-Voice
Ahmad Arnab: Kawala
Roman Bunka: Oud
Issam El Mallah: Riqq, Mazhar

European Music Project

Jan Gebauer: Narrator
Fried Dähn: Electric Cello
Jürgen Grözinger: Drums, Vibraphone & musical direction
Wolfgang Bender: Violin
Salma Sadek: Violin
Miriam Goetting: Viola
Mathis Mayr: Cello
Mario Frezzato: English Horn
Lucia Clementi: Harp
Markus Romes: Fender Rhodes Electric Piano
Joachim Glasstetter: Electronics

words are taken from poems by Hāfez and Jalal-e-Din Molavi Rumi

Live Recorded (2003) and Mastered by Matthias Mezger and Joachim Glasstetter

R E S S new Single by l c c 1 2 3 4 a r t

RESS 82698383
by l c c 0 1 2 3 4 a r t


RESS is a temple in which airy percussion disturbs and illuminates the walls, from the backdrop a luminous magma emerges that does not allow rhythmic trends.

ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist is a work composed of a collection of “sound explorations” within the music ecosystem of lcc01234art.

Each track can be interpreted as a planet where forms of sound life live within it.

Within the name of the tracks there are series of numbers that correspond to coordinates, each musical world has a precise position in the sound universe of lcc01234art, a universe made up of 2147483647 spaces of possibility.


Music: lcc01234art
Mix: Nicola Costa
Master: Tera Mastering
Management: Michele Uccheddu
Public Relations: Diego Soddu

A GOOD TASTE, lo-fi and synth wave influence in the new single by HUMAN ESCAPE

A GOOD TASTE – Human Escape (Single release)

A GOOD TASTE is a track with a hypnotic beat lo-fi style and melodies made with chemical sounds.

Human Escape explore different genre of music, without ever losing its characteristic sound.
Small touches of his guitar to give it color and personality

A GOOD TASTE is a dive into the world of lo-fi and hip-hop beat with an acid melody that leads to a psychedelic and colorful journey.

The track is available for streaming on Spotify


Artwork: Jenni Österlund
Social strategies: Emanuele Balia, Riccardo Pisanu
Public Relations: Diego Soddu
Management: Michele Uccheddu
Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)

La sacralidad de la vida by La Stanza nel Deserto

Mario Massa Trumpet,
Diego Soddu Guitar/Electronic,
Mixa Fortuna Vox
Mix/Mastering, Diego Soddu
Original Artwork REN-Ge, Attilio Baghino Single Version Artwork, Michele Uccheddu

La sacralidad de la vida released today 25/02/2021 in all digital platforms

La sacralidad de la vida is one of the single taken from the album Ren-ge which is the fifth of a record exalogy:

Nam (Artigianarte Editrice 2009), Myo (SMF 2010), Ho (SMF 2012) , Cause and Effect (Denovali Records 2013).

La sacralidad de la vida brings together different languages, electronic, jazz, intuitive music, aleatory music, tribal correspondences.

The result is an ambient music that can be defined as a contemporary classic.

The timbre solutions pass through lyrical moments and the sound is processed with the electronics.

Moira Chant avant-garde Jazz album by MixaFortuna, Marco Ferrazza and Mario Massa

Moira Chant is the title of the new album Released by SUPRANU Records on 18 – 02 – 2021

Available for streaming in Spotify and Imusic, soon on Bandcamp for Physical copies.

Moira Chant is an intimate and experimental Journey where, the voice of the singer and performer Mixa Fortuna, the sound of the trumpet player Mario Massa are mixed together, in 8 avant-garde tracks, by the composer Marco Ferrazza.

“We wanted to create an album that was strict and poetic. This album makes sense if listened entirely. In the first part compositions are linked to contemporary languages and so to all their impulses. Track by track the album becomes more intimate. The communicative urgency had to be felt. Our intention was to represent contemporary human nature”.

Mario Massa, composer and trumpeter, released by international labels as Denovali Records with “Cause and Effect”, an album with Z’ev ” Ho “. In 2020 Antonio Capuano Italian film director included his music for the film “Il buco in testa”.

Marco Ferrazza, composer of electroacoustic and experimental music, in his work he constantly investigates relations between computer music and sound research, field recording and improvisation.

Mixa Fortuna, voice performer of theatrical and belcanto school, with a ritual approach, overtone singing, author and actress, co-founder of Distilleria TerzoSegnale.


Artwork: Maria Francesca Angius

Trumpet / Piccolo Trumpet / Electronics: Mario Massa

Voice and lyrics: Mixa Fortuna

Electronics / Field Recordings: Marco Ferrazza

Master Engineer and Arranger: Marco Ferrazza

Esecutive producer: Michele Uccheddu

Communication: Emanuele Balia, Michele Uccheddu

Public Relations and Social: Diego Soddu, Marco Salaris

Graphic design manager: Claudio Rosa

Management and Marketing: Michele Uccheddu, Emanuele Balia

Press Communication: Stefano Manconi

l c c 0 1 2 3 4 a r t – R H E L out on Spotify


RHEL is a soft world that pulsates, in which melodic phrasing, immersed in a multitude of micro events that takes shape and deconstructs the mass.

ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist is a work composed of a collection of "sound explorations" within the music ecosystem of lcc01234art.Each track can be interpreted as a planet where sound life forms live within it. Within the tracks’ names there are series of numbers that correspond to coordinates, each musical world has a precise position in the sound universe of lcc01234art, a universe made up of 2147483647 spaces of possibilities.

l c c 0 1 2 3 4 a r t

lcc01234art is a journey by a multifaceted artist who comes across avant-garde concepts and popular beliefs, in which very different aesthetics can coexist. In his music there is a bit of him, a bit of his machine and a bit of you, something is pleasant and something is not but it is part of the game, the randomness.

His compositional activity is influenced by concepts that belong to the world of "not linearity", and is supported by multiple techniques of musical generation. This approach allows the creation of musical pieces in an autonomous way, which maintain a certain identity and independence, compared to the composer's will.


Music: lcc01234art

Mix: Nicola Costa

Master: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)

Web/social: Michele Uccheddu, Emanuele Balia

Banner: Claudio Rosa

Pr: Marco Salaris

The Bird is Flying, the new single by Human Escape


Is out now, The Bird is Flying is the first of a series of singles, out this next year, by Human Escape.

The Bird is Flying is an ambient song, free from structures, it is a journey through an exploration of new tonal and compositional possibilities. It moves through a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds, noises and effects, which fluctuate and alternate real environments with digital environments. A song that for Human Escape represents the beginning of a journey to new worlds.


Artwork: Sara Östman
Banner: Claudio Rosa
Social strategies: Emanuele Balia, Riccardo Pisanu
Public Relations: Marco Salaris
Management: Michele Uccheddu
Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)



New energies are floating around our label, new artists are now part of a collective that has been working a lot during the past years.

SUPRANU Collective now counts 7 artists who are helping and managing the label in different ways. We Are happy to show you our January Releases! It’s the preview of this month in music.

Music and Art never let you down! 

Stay with us and you will be a revolutionary listener!

/ latente / SANATANA and Claudio Rosa

Photography and music Inside an handmade book available on bandcamp

The Bird Is Flying by Human Escape

the first release for our new artist. Electronic music and taste of chemical journeys, a mix between acoustic and electronic that bring you up.

Rhel (882726976) by lcc01234art

Composition and Programming are living together in this new abstract and generative concept. Bring the listener to feel music in a new way.



Playlist selected by the artist collective.

Listen on spotify and itunes 

This year has been very unpredictable, the collective SUPRANU has been working together to find new ways to collaborate and produce art. 

We are looking forward to show you all new releases and introducing new artists and speak about our new international collaborations of 2021…soon

We want to close 2020 with a selection of ///FRESH/// music that we discovered in this year. SUPRANU artist collective selected 67 songs for 5 hour of music. We want to give you new hints or suggestions for the new year. Music and Art is evolving fast and new kind of expressions are possible thanks to the evolution of electronic hardwares, and thanks to the new human ethics we can meet each other and reflect on different topics, that are tied to normal life and evolution of the human being. In this scenario, robotics and technologies are working to develop new intelligences, that can help humanity to evolve in the digital and technological field. This Playlist is the outcome of our artists selection, differences are part of the collective world, and here we are. A mix of the best we found in this 2020.

You will find some names like 03SIDIAN, Liquid Stone Trio, La Stanza nel Deserto, Autechre, Kelpe, Darkstar, Perko, SaffronKeira, Gold Panda ,Tom Hall, Shifted, Rival Consoles, Tsuruda, Thomas Koner, Uji, Nicolas Jaar, KA:AST, Four Tet, Regis, Gamayun ,Mattheis  Tornado Wallace, Claudio Prc,… and many others.

Artwork  Claudio Rosa

Apple Music – iTunes selection by Overplane

We wish you happy new year and good listening.


Anteprima(si apre in una nuova scheda)

New Release Reggaeton Experimental 2020


ARTIFICIAL LOVE: Reggaeton Edition

Various Artists is a collective of artists from different music field and label, who worked together for SUPRANU Records’s “OPEN CALL“ on Experimental Reggaeton.

The team of SUPRANU Records launches his first open call for a collective compilation of “Experimental Reggaeton” in tune with the innovative attitude on which the label states:

“Although the actual quarantine might prolong for the following months, we still want to enjoy the summer spirit which music can offer so we decided to launch an open call for “experimental Reggaeton” to every musician which is into the challenge. Taking inspiration from a music genre which was born in the Central America and which during the years has been spread to the Occidental sonic universe, this call is meant to be an experience to connect composers and producers which aim to redefine a genre, by exploring its borders and by experimenting new expressive ways.”

DJ Perła
Regular Citizen


releases July 30, 2020

Mastering – Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)
Produced and released – SUPRANU Records
Project Management – Michele Uccheddu
Idea and Artistic Management – Emanuele Balia
Communication – Stefano Manconi
Artwork and Brand Management – Claudio Rosa

Photography and music /latente/ the last release by SANATANA and Claudio Rosa

SUPRANU Records is pleased to ANNOUNCE the FIRST RELEASE OF 2021 / latente /



The Music is composed by SANATANA on the images’ suggestions shoot by the analog camera of Claudio Rosa.
An individual tale of latent life developed at a distance between March and April 2020 through the photographs of Claudio Rosa and the music of SANATANA.
Claudio Rosa used Analog photography, as a means of orientation within a new collective human condition, reveals in an intimate way a vitality forced into domestic environments where presences and absences interpenetrate and coexist.

The fourteen images, organized in diptychs, are supported by short compositions based on repetition.

The music tries to tell what is hidden but somehow re-emerges, generating a loop of different states of being. The compositions are on the filed of electroacoustic and contemporary music. The entire work accompanies the viewer in an audiovisual experience, a sound journey conceived as a single loop and divided into seven movements.

The Frames
Photographs taken using a point-and-shoot analog camera loaded with black and white film (Kentmere 400 ISO). The entire process of shooting, developing the negatives and acquiring the images was performed by the artist in his own laboratory.

The Music
These short compositions based on repetition were born as a function of the image.
The geometries and the superimpositions of the different planes intersect and interpenetrate, showing a vitality not yet considered. The music therefore tries to tell what is hidden but which somehow re-emerges, generating a loop of different states of being. The compositional processes belong to the logic of electroacoustic and contemporary music. The entire sound work accompanies the viewer in his experience, each piece was composed to accompany the audiovision of two images and the whole work was designed as a single loop, divided into 7 movements.

Claudio Rosa, visual artist, originario di Sant’Antioco, porta avanti la sua doppia ricerca sulla percezione visiva e sul riutilizzo di oggetti del consumo di massa caratterizzati da una forte geometricità. La sua arte cerca la spontaneità del gioco di un bambino ma lo fa attraverso una metodica, e addirittura ossessiva, elaborazione semantica, in apparenza fredda ma profondamente legata all’infanzia.

SANATANA aka Marco Salaris è un musicista nato in Sardegna nel 1988. La sua musica affonda le radici nel Noise e nella Drone Music, sviluppandosi e trovando nuove traiettorie più affini alla Musica Elettroacustica e d’Avanguardia. Il suo processo creativo si articola attorno alle pratiche improvvisative, di ascolto e di elaborazione del suono, proprie della Musica Elettronica. Nel 2019 pubblica il primo album da solista “SANATANA” per l’etichetta discografica SUPRANU Records. 


Artwork,Banner, Graphics: Claudio Rosa

Music and compositions: Marco Salaris Aka SANATANA

Mastering: Marco Vinci TeraMastering

Digital Management: Michele Uccheddu

Digital Communication: Emanuele Balia

Press communication: Stefano Manconi