ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist 

ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist 

ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist 

is a work consisting of a collection of “sound explorations” within the musical ecosystem of lcc01234art.
Each track can be interpreted as a planet where sound life forms live inside it. Inside the name of the tracks there are series of numbers that correspond to coordinates, each musical world has a precise position in the sound universe of lcc01234art, a universe composed of 2147483647 “spaces of possibility”.

The work takes up a musical aesthetic that crosses different areas of experimental music such as soundscape, glitch, IDM, noise etc., but without neglecting the melodic aspect. The music has an accelerationist and unpredictable character, and tries to take the listener into an abstract and surreal sound universe.

To fully understand this work it is necessary to dwell on the conceptual aspects that guide the artist’s work. The musician conceives art as if it were an “ecosystem” in which the sound material is “alive” and the artistic gesture is represented by the very vitality of the ecosystem; from this point of view, only when a sound changes autonomously is it a work of art.
For the artist it is not always the aesthetic-sound result that counts, but rather the evolutionary path of the sound; his aim is to supervise and select the most interesting results according to certain aesthetic canons, leaving plenty of room for “errors”. The aesthetics of error is fundamental to understand EEP, as the artist defines himself as “Error friendliness”, his role goes beyond the traditional composer, he is both author and spectator of his art, in fact he defines himself as meta-composer.

EEP is not only a musical work but also a visual one, the artwork of the 5 singles are imaginary scenarios based on fractals, where the sound is populated by the music of lcc01234art.
The artist, being an eclectic musician, has always had the need to catalog his music, to give it a musical genre, to give it a “place” or a “home” where it can exist, with this ‘last work was possible thanks to the creation of virtual worlds.

The sound worlds are described below, with the idea of giving sound a “physical” character, as if it were the organic matter of the planet itself.

RHEL (82726976)

RHEL is a soft, pulsating world in which melodic phrasing, immersed in a multitude of micro events, takes shape and deconstructs the mass.

RESS (82698383)

RESS is a temple in which airy percussion disrupts and illuminates the walls.
a luminous magma emerges from the backdrop that does not allow for rhythmic patterns.

MXAU (77886585)


MXAU is a planet full of constantly changing erosions in which the ground vibrates to the point of compressing and reversing the flow of time.

SIGN (83737178)

SIGN is a suspended world in which sound events float above underwater pulsations and melodic phrases move through space, reflecting on the water.

SAGE (83657169) feat STZIOPA

SAGE is an expanse of sound, masses emerge from the surface while shadows pulsate and extend into a boundless space. 


lcc01234art generative music system

To create this work the artist used a musical software that he developed during 4 years of research in the field of generative music and non-linearity in art. It was a project he also presented for his degree thesis, entitled: Spaces of Possibility – Musical device for improvisation.

In the future, the artist will continue her research in the field of generative art, exploring the potential of non-linearity and randomness in art, with the aim of developing interactive and synaesthetic environments for performance.

Acknowledgements and Credits

For this EP several musicians, bots and technicians have been involved, and we thank them with great affection for their participation, availability and professionalism.

Composers/Performers: lcc01234art, 03SIDIAN,  MAXVALUE32, AUTOMA03, stiziopa

Mix: Nicola Costa

Master: Tera Mastering


MXAU (77886585) by l c c 0 1 2 3 4 a r t & 03SIDIAN

MXAU is a generative electronic music piece by lcc01234art and belongs to the sound exploration collection called ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist.

The piece was born from the interaction of two “full generative” systems capable of generating music without any interaction of the performer. The music systems developed by the musicians lcc01234art and 03SIDIAN are called MAXVALUE32 and AUTOMA03 and belong to two different categories of instruments, the first is software, the second is hardware.

The two “musical bots” alternate in the composition of the song using an approach that derives from the club and Djing culture: the “back to back” or b2b.
The “back2back” is a practice of interaction between two DJs during a live dj set, in which alternating, they propose their own music playlists and try to create a fluid set without interruptions, with organic changes between one song and another.

In the case of MXAU the back2back becomes bot2bot, the musicians have made some parts of the song generate by their bots, and by identifying the transition points, they have created a uniform musical structure.
During the experimentation phase, various concepts and solutions emerged, which make it possible to expand the catalog of the possibilities of this well-established approach.


As for the operation and architecture of the individual bots, we refer to one of our next articles, in this section we will focus on the compositional method of the piece.
Each composition begins with a musical proposal of the first bot “X” (in this case MAXVALUE32), which is subsequently developed by the second bot “Y” (AUTOMA03). current we have identified two musical structures, the first called New Direction which we will indicate with the letters AB, the second called Time Inversion also defined as! A.

New Direction:

In this musical form the “Y” bot uses the “tail” of the song previously generated by the X bot, using it as a sound source for a possible transformation, in order to create a new direction. This approach recalls the classic “AB” structure.

Time Reversal:

In this case the bot Y, instead of creating a change of direction, compared to the first part of the song, proposes a re-elaborated version of the performance of the bot X, in a mirror image, using the tail of the previous section as a starting point, to the temporal rewind. We have formalized this structure with the symbol “! A”.

For the song MXAU the musicians have indicated, to their respective bots, to use the structure based on the Time Inversion, this approach has allowed to experiment in an original way on the concept of linear temporality and on the concept of sampling, the latter used as a kind of “Short-term memory”, extended to large time windows.


MXAU è un brano di musica elettronica generativa di lcc01234art ed appartiene alla raccolta di esplorazioni sonore chiamata ECCOsystem Exploring Playlist.

Il brano nasce dall’ interazione di due sistemi “full generative” in grado di generare musica senza alcuna interazione del performer. I sistemi musicali sviluppati dai musicisti lcc01234art e 03SIDIAN si chiamano MAXVALUE32 e AUTOMA03 ed appartengono a due diverse categorie di strumenti, il primo è software, il secondo è hardware.

 I due “bot musicali” si alternano nella composizione del brano utilizzando un approccio che deriva dalla cultura club e del Djing: il “back to back” o b2b.

 Il “back2back” è una pratica di interazione tra due DJ durante un dj set dal vivo, nel quale  alternandosi, propongono le proprie playlist  musicali e cercano di creare un set fluido senza interruzioni, con cambiamenti organici tra un brano e l’ altro.

Nel caso di MXAU il back2back diventa bot2bot, i musicisti hanno fatto generare alcune parti del brano ai propri bot, e individuando dei punti di transizione, hanno creato una struttura musicale uniforme.

Durante la fase di sperimentazione sono emerse diverse nozioni e soluzioni, che consentono di ampliare il catalogo delle possibilità di questo approccio ormai consolidato.



Per quanto riguarda il funzionamento e l’ architettura dei singoli bot rimandiamo a uno dei nostri prossimi articoli, in questa sezione ci soffermeremo sulla modalità compositiva del brano. 

Ogni composizione inizia con una proposta musicale del primo bot “X” (in questo caso MAXVALUE32), che successivamente viene sviluppata  dal secondo bot“Y”(AUTOMA03)  Il nostro focus è stato quello di cercare diverse soluzioni per evolvere il brano, allo stato attuale abbiamo individuato due strutture musicali, la prima chiamata Nuova Direzione che indicheremo con le lettere AB, la seconda chiamata Inversione Temporale definita anche come !A.

Nuova Direzione:

In questa forma musicale il bot “Y” si serve della “coda” del brano generato precedentemente dal bot X, utilizzandola come fonte sonora per una possibile trasformazione, in modo da creare una nuova direzione. Questo approccio richiama la classica struttura “AB”.

Inversione Temporale:

In questo caso il bot Y, invece di creare un cambio di direzione, rispetto alla prima parte del brano, ripropone una versione rielaborata della performance del bot X, in maniera speculare, utilizzando la coda della sezione precedente come punto di partenza, per il rewind temporale. Questa struttura l’abbiamo formalizzata con il simbolo ”!A”.

Per il brano MXAU i musicisti hanno indicato, ai rispettivi bot, di utilizzare la struttura basata sull’ Inversione Temporale, questo approccio ha consentito di sperimentare in modo originale sul concetto di temporalità lineare e sul concetto di campionamento, quest’ultimo utilizzato a mò di “memoria a breve termine”,  esteso a grandi finestre temporali.