EXPLORING SOUNDS FINLAND: the different possibilities of sound – from nature to sound art.

In the project EXPLORING SOUNDS we invite sound artist Marco Salaris aka SANATĀNA (from Sardinia Ita) as an artist in residence to stay at Malakta (Malax/Maalahti) for two weeks in June for a collaboration with sound artist Michele Uccheddu from SUPRANU Records / Malakta

EXPLORING SOUNDS is a project 3 steps

Design: Sara Östman

Soundwalk: workshop with Michele Uccheddu and Marco Salaris in Malakta and surroundings of Malax.  Saturday 4th of June from 10:00 to 16:00

Design: Sara Östman

Artist Talk: Talk by artist Marco Salaris SANATĀNA, at Platform (Vaasa City).
Thursday 9th June from 18:00 to 20:00

Design: Sara Östman

Concert: Concert by artist Marco Salaris SANATĀNA + DJ set  in Malakta, Malax.
Friday 10th June from 18:00 to 20:00 

All the events in EXPLORING SOUNDS is promoted by Malakta, Platform, SUPRANU Records, City of Vaasa, Sardegna Sonora


It is a project that guide the participants to understand, explore and meet the Sound Art

It’s a journey through the different possibilities of the sound, from nature to a Sound art production that is not only music because it is made with an artistic approach, which is more related with a specific topic, free from musical rules and genres.

One of the objectives is to build a network between regions that are far apart but they can share culture and artists.

Sardinia (It) and Österbotten (Fi) are not densely populated regions, which makes them territories where nature is predominant. 

The people in contact with nature care about the issues of pollution and industrial exploitation of the land. 

Through the use of art, these issues can come to the surface and give rise to dialogue. 

The means by which this type of encounter is created is diversified into “listening to and exploring sound” , meeting local and Sardinian sound artists, in dedicated and awareness-raising events, useful for conveying important aspects of life in respect of our territory and the sharing of distant but common cultures.  


  1. Help participants to explore the sense of hearing sounds, condivide knowledge and create awareness. 
  2. explore and collect the naturalistic sound of our territory
  3. Create connection and networks between sound artists and local cultural associations in Österbotten 


Sound surrounds us and like it everything has its own vibration that communicates and reflects on us, animals and plants, influencing the way we live and perceive life. 

Recent research has shown how birds have changed their migratory routes or diversified the harmonics of their song, influenced by industrial noise. 

The soundscape changes with the presence or absence of forests and wild animals, what we hear today may not be the same in 10 years’ time. It is important to be able to understand from such a small concept how much the environment around us is being changed and what the future holds. 

Sound can be stimulating, it can be pleasant, it can be produced by an artistic action or it can be a sound generated by natural phenomena. 

Sound can also be disturbing, a disturbance that some researchers have evaluated as the cause of a malaise that can make life difficult to the point of creating pathologies. 

Our ears and our perception, knowing how they work and how we can use them is useful in understanding how we relate to sound that is continuous and surrounds us 24/7, day and night.

Sound art can bring up a new idea of sound through the use of techniques and knowledge of manipulating data or sounds related to a specific topic. 

It is not anymore only music, sometimes it isn’t at all, but can be more a process that is specified on the intention of the artist to explore a particular topic. 

The difference between music and sound art is specified in the process and in the achievement results. While the music is purely entertainment and easy listening, the Asound Art is related more to the idea behind the creation and the process or the technique can affect the result, that suddenly is not easy to understand or require from the listeners more attention and focus. 

Sound Art can be compared with a visual artwork which brings a message or needs the audience to be present and deeply focused on a topic.

It brings to another level of listening, creating awareness and giving more control to the people to understand what is behind the creation. 

Is the direct expression of the IDEA through the use of different techniques.

Photo: Claudio Rosa

About SANĀTANA aka Marco Salaris

He is a musician born in Sardinia in 1988. Noise
multi-instrumentalist since young, he soon dedicated himself to Electroacoustic music and
radical improvisation with the project Terminale_3, with which in 2014 he published the album I-Son (TiConZero).

His music is rooted in noise and drone music, developing and finding new trajectories more
akin to Electroacoustic and Avant-garde music. His creative process is based on
improvisational practices, listening and sound processing, typical of electronic music.

Photo: Jenni Österlund

About Michele Uccheddu

Michele Uccheddu aka O3SIDIAN is a sound artist from Sardinia who has been living in
Ostrobothnia for a few years now. He works with percussion and electronic music and has
founded the digital record label SUPRANU Records. Uccheddu also has extensive
experience in organising festivals on both national and international platforms.

Published by supranurecords

SUPRANU Records is an independent music label founded in 2018. Our program varies from electronica, experimental & sound art. Culture and connections are the basis of our policy. We intend to release and promote all the music that potentially brings innovation to the music scene, beside the common taste.