New Release Reggaeton Experimental 2020


ARTIFICIAL LOVE: Reggaeton Edition

Various Artists is a collective of artists from different music field and label, who worked together for SUPRANU Records’s “OPEN CALL“ on Experimental Reggaeton.

The team of SUPRANU Records launches his first open call for a collective compilation of “Experimental Reggaeton” in tune with the innovative attitude on which the label states:

“Although the actual quarantine might prolong for the following months, we still want to enjoy the summer spirit which music can offer so we decided to launch an open call for “experimental Reggaeton” to every musician which is into the challenge. Taking inspiration from a music genre which was born in the Central America and which during the years has been spread to the Occidental sonic universe, this call is meant to be an experience to connect composers and producers which aim to redefine a genre, by exploring its borders and by experimenting new expressive ways.”

DJ Perła
Regular Citizen


releases July 30, 2020

Mastering – Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)
Produced and released – SUPRANU Records
Project Management – Michele Uccheddu
Idea and Artistic Management – Emanuele Balia
Communication – Stefano Manconi
Artwork and Brand Management – Claudio Rosa

New IDM 2020 Releases Album




New IDM music in a spiritual album, soft, at the same time powerful and euphoric, in which natural sounds mixed with other electronics are used.

The new processes used by the sound artist derive from improvisations on acoustic instruments such as African percussion and drums, natural instruments such as pine fir trunks, branches, ice and stones found and recorded in the woods of Northern Finland.

Eleven new shamanic rites, prayers in connection with the spirits of nature that protect life in all its forms. Eleven incarnations of the spirits made by the Finnish artist Jenni Österlund with whom 03SIDIAN collaborates for the creation of the artwork and visual representation of the music. The incarnations, in shape of masks, will be disclosed after the IDM album’s publication. 


Biologically we are animals, to be precise mammals. Adaptive mutations in the evolutionary cycle, derived from genetic changes in response to changes in the conditions and environment. The evolution of the Human genus that over time has taken over all the species present on Earth.

“ANIMALS is dedicated to the spirits of Nature and it’s inhabitants, animals, plants, bacteria, viruses, fungi, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, the whole biological chemical cycle that distinguishes planet earth.”

VR Album listening Room HERE

Mastering: TeraMastering Marco Vincis

Artwork design : Michele Uccheddu

Color design: Jenni Österlund

Brand design: Claudio Rosa

Marketing: Nucleo SUPRANU

Communication and strategies: Emanuele Balia

Press communication: Stefano Manconi

Public relations: Marco Salaris

Live and sound director: SUPRANU Studio, Diego Soddu ,Michele Uccheddu

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OUT NOW ///DREAM ART FILM/// electronic music 2020

New Music 2020 Release album 30 April 2020 IDM Electronic Music


Dream – 03SIDIAN (From the Album ANIMALS released on 30/April/2020)

Biologically we are animals, to be precise mammals. Adaptive mutations in the evolutionary cycle, derived from genetic changes in response to changes in the conditions and environment. The evolution of the Human genus that over time has taken over all the species present on Earth.

Dream is the first of eleven shamanic rites, prayers in connection with the spirits of nature that protect life in all its forms. Eleven incarnations of the spirits made by the Finnish artist Jenni Österlund with whom 03SIDIAN collaborates for the creation of the artwork and visual representation of the music. The incarnations, in shape of masks, will be disclosed after the album’s publication.

03SIDIAN artistic alias for Michele Uccheddu, Percussionist, electronic music composer, record producer. Since 1990 he studies percussion, specialising in Latin and Afro Cuban music. In 2014 he participated in the Venice Biennale as a percussionist in the electro-acoustic orchestra GEO by Roberto Doati, collaborated with EPM (European Music Project) by Juergen Groezinger. Previous collaborations together with Anna Clementi, Mario Frezzato, Enrico Gabrielli, Sebastiano de Gennaro, Guillermo Galindo, Khavn De La Cruz among others.

Music title: 03SIDIAN – Dream
Album title: Animals – 03SIDIAN (30/April/2020)
Released for: SUPRANU Records © 2020
Mastering: TeraMastering Marco Vincis.
Translations: Jenni Österlund.
Art director: Michele Uccheddu.
Visual and color director: Jenni Österlund

Info & Contacts:


Il team di SUPRANU Records è lieto di annunciarvi la nuova release di

STANZA NEL DESERTO dal titolo “The warehouse of Memories” in uscita il 30 Marzo su Spotify e nelle maggiori piattaforme di streaming come Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, ,Tesla, Bandcamp.

SUPRANU Records presenta le sue release anche VR in realtà virtuale creando mondi paralleli nel quale gli utenti possono viaggiare attraverso universi tridimensionali senza confini.



L’Ep si sviluppa su coordinate di mescolanza, un linguaggio creolo fra techno, elettronica, jazz, musica intuitiva, musica aleatoria, canto rituale. 

Il suono/ritmo in se stesso è pensato in questa nuova prospettiva di trasformazione. 

Dialogo tra codici e tensione qualitativa. 

Su trame tessute tra astratto, techno e paesaggio ambient dall’elettronica di Diego Soddu e

Michele Uccheddu, l’ordito poetico della tromba di Mario Massa realizza punti di contrasto senza opposizioni dove la voce di Mixa Fortuna ricama figure per rituali esistenziali.  


“The warehouse of memories”, frammenti della coscienza più profonda.


Diego Soddu, studia chitarra ed elettronica, lavora come fonico, musicista e compositore confrontandosi con diversi generi musicali, dal jazz alla musica techno, dal pop alla musica sperimentale.

Progetti e collaborazioni artistiche: GEO (Galata Electroacoustic Orchestra), Snake Platform, Raoul Moretti, Asmed Balletto di Sardegna, Chiodi Blu, The Men and The Machine.


Michele Uccheddu, Percussionista, compositore di musica elettronica, produttore discografico. 

Dal 1990 studia percussioni specializzandosi in musica Latin, Afro Cubana. Nel 2014 partecipa alla Biennale di Venezia come percussionista dell’orchestra elettroacustica GEO di Roberto Doati, collabora con EPM di Juergen Groezinger (European Music Project). 

Compone Musica elettronica e collabora con Anna Clementi, Mario Frezzato, Enrico Gabrielli, Sebastiano de Gennaro, Guillermo Galindo, Khavn De La Cruz.


Mario Massa, compositore trombettista, ha realizzato numerosi album suonando in vari tour e festival internazionali, ha ricevuto l’approvazione della stampa e del pubblico internazionale (Denovali Records “Cause and Effect”; un album con il padre del movimento industriale Z’ev “Ho”; numerosi altri lavori). 


Mixa Fortuna, voice performer di scuola teatrale e belcantistica, con contaminazioni di canto armonico e canto rituale. Drammaturga e attrice performer, cofondatrice di Distilleria TerzoSegnale.

LA STANZA NEL DESERTO è disponibile per interviste e possono essere contattati alla mail:

Per recensioni, collaborazioni, e informazioni non esitate a contattarci.



Bandcamp SUPRANU


New Release /// LIQUID STONE TRIO ///

We are proud to release LIQUID STONE TRIO


Michele Uccheddu (percussion and drum), Caterina Genta (voice ad dance), Emanuele Balia (electronics).

The project started in 2016 from a meeting with M.Uccheddu and E.Balia, researching on drums and electronic manipulation using Max/ MSP, it evolved with dance and movements’ sensors thanks to Caterina Genta who join in the band on 2017.

10 September 2017 LST played for the first time in trio at  an international Jazz Festival “Ai Confini tra Sardegna e Jazz” in Sant’Anna Arresi Italy, before Burnt Sugar Arkestra Chamber.


in 2018 the Sant’Anna Arresi’s Jazz concert of LIQUID STONE TRIO their live performance was running through the National Radio Rai3 Suite

Today We Release “Liquid Stones” title of the Album composed recorded and mixed during 2018 and 2019

all the recordings and the final mix are made by Diego Soddu sound artist based in Sardinia



<<The reason of the invention of this project was the need to experience new ways of expression. The experimentation involves the use of drums and voice as sound material, remixed in real time with live electronics and sound synthesis. Live electronics is considered as a third sonorous object, which is able to respond and create new bases for rhythmic perception and compositional joints. This object gives us hints for the creation of new environments which one can constantly interact with, bond to the vocal and rhythmic sounds of the drums. The compositional process is strictly related to the universe’s social and spiritual roots, just like a ritual that winds between the “cages”, the different musical genres, to set them free from their classifications; every rhythm has its own simple root, which isn’t created by humans. The voice, on the other hand, represents the first form of music that humanity has ever known and that was able to use as a tool to communicate with the others.

With communication, it developed and shaped gestures, transformed them into moves, and after that, into dances. The mixture of voice, movements, rhythm and random elaboration, gives birth to a new method, bond to nature’s behaviour and that includes everything that’s been already used, but observed from a different angle. The sound, thanks to several sound sources placed on the four sides of the stalls, will be released so that one can listen to the moving sound. Everything to make the audience feel like it’s surrounded by a sound forest, in which perceptions can change and/or activate different states of consciousness. The composition of the different parts is made by macro-structures that are free to become “something else” spontaneously; factors like the universe, planets, planet earth, mankind, spirit, conscience. The purpose is to create a connection between the “something else”, to make us think about a common wellness, together with the universe and each one of its elements, like a unique “healthy” mass.>>




New Release /// SANĀTANA ///

ModelloNEW Artist and New Drones for XMAS

welcome to SANĀTANA

SANATANA – in Sanskrit – preserves the concept of ethereal, understood as a temporal dimension not determined by the limits of beginning and end, which is regenerated in a cyclic and infinite flow. SANATANA is the first Album by SAN TANA for the independent label SUPRANU Records.

This work was composed between March and July 2019, contains 6 tracks made through electro-acoustic processing techniques, using sounds recorded during some improvisative and guided sessions with the musician Maria Giovanna Cardia.

SANATANA investigates “empty” spaces, “elastic” and “perpetual” time.

With strictly delicacy it marks the limits and traces the directions of the experience. How a shadow transforms itself before the inquiring gaze, to hide its vital and constitutive nucleus in the dark. SAN TANA explores the fluid and the liquid properties of sound to penetrate bodies and sculpt ethereal forms.

SANĀTANA aka Marco Salaris is a musician born in Sardinia in 1988. Noise multi-instrumentalist since young, he soon dedicated himself to Electroacoustic music and radical improvisation with the project Terminale_3, with which in 2014 he published the album I-Son (TiConZero). His music is rooted in noise and drone music, developing and finding new trajectories more akin to Electroacoustic and Avantgarde music.

His creative process is based on improvisational practices, listening and sound processing, typical of electronic music. Graduated in Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Cagliari, his main activities include the composition of music for dance and theater, sound direction, Foley artist; collaborates with Betty’s Turquoise Chain, Ottovolante Sulcis, Parallel Coast, ASMED and many others.


New Release /// Aloe Vera ~ stziopa ///


 We’re pleased to announce a new artist stziopa

Aloe Vera Ep is the first official release for the independent label SUPRANU


Alias of Stefano Manconi (1993) is a musician born in Sardinia and artistically adopted in the Czech Republic.

His music is built entirely on improvisation, mostly with modular synthesizers and ranges from “floating-ambient” tunes to “broken-til-straight” techno beats through generative and evolving patterns.

“Aloe Vera represents the need of slowing down, have a look at our surroundings and enjoy the moment as a timeless frame. ”


released November 21, 2019

Producer: stziopa

Master: TeraMastering Marco Vincis

Artwork: Claudio Rosa

Label: SUPRANU Records © 2019




DYSH? Testifies a meeting at the periphery of the periphery. Just one meeting, frozen inside a short and roaring sound. The picture of a piece of metal, left on the cornfield. Echoes of warm places once the party is over. And you make fun of the guy sleeping in his clothes on the sofa. DYSH? Is the footprint remaining from the exodus of three instruments, strings and drumheads tasting of salt, if you lick them.


OUT NOW “Peripheral Nervous System”

OUT NOW “Peripheral Nervous System” of the sardinian artist Michele Uccheddu Aka 03SIDIAN.

nmirgeiogjdeReleased today on Bandcamp with 11 track and 11 paints by the finish artist Jenni Österlund.

03SIDIAN 2019
He has been exploring rhythms and electronic music, being inspired by the environment.
He composed this album with a generative approach finding different ways to create organic music.

The whole album is painted by the finish artist JENNI ÖSTERLUND
Check it out on:

Composer: Michele Uccheddu
Master: Tera Mastering di Marco Vincis
Artwork Design: Ilari Peltomäki
Logo Design: Miryam Cuppone
Model Artis: Jenni Österlund
Photo: Hedda Wikström

Visual description of the sound. A process in two pieces, creating an visual language describing the sound of the track, then making a painting based on the visual

JENNI ÖSTERLUND Aka FITTMAGIKERN Artist based in Finland                                               WhatsApp Image 2019-04-07 at 22.31.35

I define my self in movement and sound,
in emotions and color.
I base my creation in a connection that i feel
for something or someone.
I want to express playfulness,
ride my impulses and a build a big playground around me“.

The album is released on Bandcamp, includes digital pre-order of Peripheral Nervous System. The moment the album is released you’ll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


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