SARDINIA AND FINLAND CONNECTION IN CULTURAL EVENTS: Collision Art Collective and SUPRANU Records present COLLISION FESTIVAL 2021 with live music and premiere.

Sardinia and Finland are connected in contemporary cultural events thanks to Collision Art Collective and SUPRANU Records, together they are arranging COLLISION FESTIVAL 2021, inside an ex shop, they are aiming to establish a cultural scene in contemporary arts, from visual to music.

COLLISION Festival is bringing together underground and local artists from Sardina and Finland inside their open studio, thanks to window expositions and events.

Yesterday was the time for Joakim Finholm, from Finland, in a live set, performing Drone Ambient with some hint of techno.

Joakim Finholm‘s performance is an improvisation with analog instruments like Korg ms20, Arturia synthesizer, Roland drum machine, Akai mpc and guitar fx pedals.

The atmosphere is Ambient made by a monotone and minimalistic drone, divided in 3 parts. Joakim Finholm, drone is made with low and round bass, human voices samples and healing percussion, the journey is well made and after a long tale story he brings the audience to release introverted thoughts thru a techno beat.

Tonight to close the weekend, COLLISION FESTIVAL will stream in a youtube premiere, lcc01234art with the concept “FAKE” 

lcc01234art is a Sardinian artist, is a journey by a multifaceted artist who comes across avant-garde concepts and popular beliefs, in which very different aesthetics can coexist. 

In his music there is a bit of him, a bit of his machine and a bit of you, something is pleasant and something is not but it is part of the game, the randomness.

His compositional activity is influenced by concepts that belong to the world of non-linearity, and is supported by multiple techniques of musical generation. 

This approach allows the creation of musical pieces in an autonomous way, which maintain a certain identity and independence, compared to the composer’s will.


It is a sonic journey through fictitious worlds generated by algorithms.

FAKE is an emotion, a feeling of fiction but also a refuge for those who dream of a better world.

Tonight at 20:00 CMT Closing the Weekend with 03SIDIAN “Unpublished AUTOMA” set 2021.

Collision Art Collective Hang out: connection, good vibes and music selections.

Culture Hang out with Collision Art Collective every Friday in the Collective Studio at Storgatan 18 Jakobstad, Finland

Come hang out with the Collision team and fellow artists. Wind down after the week and find interesting discussions and people.

Culture Hang out is a new way for artist of Collision Art Collective to create connections and meet people, interacting together and discussing art and culture.

After the lock down for covid-19 SUPRANU Records Collective and Collision Art Collective decided to open a studio/exhibition in the center of Jakobstad in Finland.

in the studio we present COLLISION FESTIVAL, a festival where contemporary arts collide, the program is spread during May and June/July.

A place where there will be not only COLLISION FESTIVAL but exhibitions, windows expositions with international artists and a little shop where to find artworks by local artists and SUPRANU Music releases, a place where to find a coffé and good people to speak with.

Culture Hang out

“Thanks to everyone who came to the Culture Hang last Friday!

This was the first of many Culture hangs in Collisions studio at Storgatan 18. We were surprised and so happy about the amount of people who joined us. The aim of the event is to provide a platform for artists, culture workers and students to meet and discuss. But also a relaxed environment where to wind down after the week. 

The positive feedback was overwhelming and we hope this will continue to be a meeting point for new ideas, discussions and meetings”.

COLLISION Art Collective and SUPRANU Records together for COLLISION FESTIVAL 2021 in Jakobstad Finland

COLLISION Art Collective and SUPRANU Records together for COLLISION FESTIVAL 2021 in Jakobstad Finland.

Collision Art Collective

Collision Art Collective started as a performance group founded by Jenni Österlund and Jonathan Bäckström in 2018. The goal at the time was to combine their practises: visual arts and music in performances and events. In 2020 the group grew as artist Michele Ucceddu and graphic designer Sara Östman joined to produce the first ever Collision Festival in Jakobstad, Finland.

The collective wants to build a platform for contemporary arts and music where people can meet and create together. Our goal is to build a free community for different kinds of art where we push each other forward creatively.

Our long term goal is to create an annual festival that can grow and involve more creative people every year. We also want to work on our international exchange together with our partner company Supranu records in Sardinia (ITA). We chose the name “collision” to represent the collide we want to create between music and arts.

COLLISION FESTIVAL is where arts collide,

The festival is a collision of arts, music, poetry, perfomances, painting, illustration, photography, video performs.

In 2020 due to the current Covid-19 situation in Ostrobothnia, the Collision team has decided to postpone the festival until may 2021.

To be sure to arrange the festival under safe conditions, the Collective decided to open an art studio in the center of Jakobstad on Storgatan 18 Finland

The Festival starts with the first Artist Christa Friberg.

Collision Art Collective Studio will be open to the public afternoons during a month leading up to the 14th of May.

The idea behind her open studio is to create social art, where the meeting between people and interaction with the visitor is the key element. Besides social art, Christa also uses recycled materials and handicraft in her artistic expression. exposing on the studio Windows