New Release /// LIQUID STONE TRIO ///

We are proud to release LIQUID STONE TRIO Michele Uccheddu (percussion and drum), Caterina Genta (voice ad dance), Emanuele Balia (electronics). The project started in 2016 from a meeting with M.Uccheddu and E.Balia, researching on drums and electronic manipulation using Max/ MSP, it evolved with dance and movements’ sensors thanks to Caterina Genta who joinContinue reading “New Release /// LIQUID STONE TRIO ///”

New Release /// SANĀTANA ///

NEW Artist and New Drones for XMAS welcome to SANĀTANA SANATANA – in Sanskrit – preserves the concept of ethereal, understood as a temporal dimension not determined by the limits of beginning and end, which is regenerated in a cyclic and infinite flow. SANATANA is the first Album by SAN TANA for the independent label SUPRANUContinue reading “New Release /// SANĀTANA ///”

New Release /// Aloe Vera ~ stziopa ///

 We’re pleased to announce a new artist stziopa Aloe Vera Ep is the first official release for the independent label SUPRANU Records. Alias of Stefano Manconi (1993) is a musician born in Sardinia and artistically adopted in the Czech Republic. His music is built entirely on improvisation, mostly with modular synthesizers and ranges from “floating-ambient” tunesContinue reading “New Release /// Aloe Vera ~ stziopa ///”

OUT NOW “Peripheral Nervous System”

OUT NOW “Peripheral Nervous System” of the sardinian artist Michele Uccheddu Aka 03SIDIAN. Released today on Bandcamp with 11 track and 11 paints by the finish artist Jenni Österlund. 03SIDIAN 2019 He has been exploring rhythms and electronic music, being inspired by the environment. He composed this album with a generative approach finding different waysContinue reading “OUT NOW “Peripheral Nervous System””