by HUMAN ESCAPE releases April 20, 2023

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After the numerous series of singles collected in the “One” collection, released by the record label SUPRANU Records, HUMAN ESCAPE, also known as Diego Soddu, releases the concept album “Places in Nowhere.” This new production appears sophisticated and mysterious, requiring several listening sessions to decipher its secrets.

“Places in Nowhere” is a concept album that travels through different imaginary and inner landscapes of the artist, like a train that never stops. The hypnotic and engaging atmospheres open up to many possibilities and give a soft and captivating sound to the entire work. The intense and well-structured mix of musical styles and currents is one of the key elements of “Places in Nowhere,” with tracks like “Through the Infinite” that have a strong Funk root with blues and fusion jazz hybridizations, while still maintaining a strong electronic identity and always aiming at the search for new musical forms.

Techno influences dictate careful listening, defining asymmetrical rhythms and an intense listening experience in tracks like “The Big Cave” and “War,” where more intimate and dark environments emerge. “Lotus Flower,” on the other hand, marks a clear return to a plastic scenario of a reversed universe. The progression of the album envelops the listener towards borderless scenarios, where cotton candy clouds, mechanical dinosaurs, and hyper-human beings coexist.

“Places in Nowhere” offers a new perspective on inner galaxies, with its sinuous fluidity that makes it easy to listen to while also rich in surprising details. This concept album was produced entirely by HUMAN ESCAPE for the record label SUPRANU Records. “Places in Nowhere” it’s now available on all digital platforms and in cassette format on Bandcamp.


Mix: Diego Soddu

Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)

Communication: Marco Salaris, Michele Uccheddu

All rights reserved © 2023 SUPRANU Records

Published by supranurecords

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