Delicate Wings


Delicate Wings is a maxi single with two tracks: Delicate Wings and Chrysalis.

It is available in all digital stores and bandcamp

The music is created by 03SIDIAN in collaboration with the Folk Flutist Göran Månsson from Sweden.

“I wanted to represent the volatility of life, the fragility of certain moments of transition, those times when you have to gather your strength and jump with decision”


03SIDIAN – Jenni Österlund ph

Delicate Wings maxi single is dedicated to life changes, it tells the story of a butterfly that changes in its cocoon, and opens its wings for the first time in the new world, from a new point of view.

Radical changes, difficult to understand, are like a push to change point of view, to recreate one’s ideal dimension, and to collaborate with the outside, the other, the unknown or the one that scares us.

  • Track1: Delicate Wings is an ambient track, produced with a generative process programmed by 03SIDIAN on its reactive system “AUTOMA” and the collaboration of folk flutist Göran Månsson who played different types of wooden flute, but also a special one to produce the low harmonics “sub Bass”. 

Delicate Wings stems from 03SIDIAN’s intention to describe and represent the moment in life when you spread your wings for the first time, amidst insecurities, fears and curiosity. 

When the butterfly comes out of the cocoon after metamorphosis, it has to break its protective nest, explore the outside world with different eyes, move its wings and free them from impediments. 

  • Track 2: Chrysalis is a rhythmic track, with elements of club music, but which follows a genre-free trend as the compositional trademark of producer 03SIDIAN. 

Samples of Göran Månsson’s flute mix with chemical and angular sounds, as if to describe gears and organic shapes in mutation.  The track Chrysalis, in fact, represents the moment in which one closes in on oneself, protects oneself from the outside world and begins a journey of change from within. 

Chrysalis is the caterpillar that closes itself in its cocoon and begins an internal struggle, which brings it into the last phase of its life, with forms and evolutions that make it unrecognizable in the eyes of all. Once it has finished its process, the caterpillar that has become a butterfly amazes onlookers as it spreads its wings, communicates with its fellow creatures, attracts its mate and drives away unwanted animals. 

Inner growth, self-reflection, and finally opening up to the outside world, with new eyes, new self, new form. 

The collaboration with flutist Göran Månsson began in Greenland, after the two artists met to play together for the first time with the AIRBORN line-up. 

The trip to Greenland was for the Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival, in which 03SIDIAN participates as a representative and artist from Malakta rf. (Finland) and part of the project created by North Cultitude 6263.

Info Artist

Göran Månsson

Göran Månsson plays flutes, pipes and recorders. Göran ranks as one of the most exciting and dynamic flute players on the Swedish folk music scene.

He comes from the small town of Haverö in Norrland in the north of Sweden.  As a descendant of one of Sweden’s celebrated folk music families, Göran is actively furthering the Swedish folk music heritage. 

He is a graduate of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where he now teaches.

Göran was a member of the folk music group Gjallarhorn and also the folk-pop group Sarek which was one of the artists in Eurovision song contest 2004. Among other groups he has collaborated with: Göran Månsson Band, Nordman, Frispel and Månsson & Åberg

Göran is very much in demand as a session musician for both early music and folk-pop recordings and has toured the world as a percussionist and flute player. As a soloist he is currently one of the most interesting nordic folk acts in Japan.

Göran Månsson - Stellan Backman ph


Flutes and Sub: Göran Månsson

Mastering: Tera Mastering (Marco Vincis)

Music Arrangement and editing: Michele Uccheddu 

Artwork: Michele Uccheddu

Published by supranurecords

SUPRANU Records is an independent music label founded in 2018. Our program varies from electronica, experimental & sound art. Culture and connections are the basis of our policy. We intend to release and promote all the music that potentially brings innovation to the music scene, beside the common taste.

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