Out Now : BREAK – Art Film

Art Film Performance & Digital Manipolation

Directed by Silvìa Bellu LUM.

Artwork: Silvia Bellu Production

Assistant: Miryam Cuppone

Performers: Claudia Pellegatta e Gaurav Aurora

Fotografia: Piero Pandolfino

Videomakers: Mattia Liberati e Tullia La Rosa

Musica: Mind of Jackob – 03SIDIAN “In the Planet of Shiva”

Label : SUPRANU Records

One thought on “Out Now : BREAK – Art Film

  1. Intermissions were once a regular part of the American moviegoing experience, even with films that were not “Gone With The Wind”-sized (three hours, 58 minutes) epics. The reason was partly practical: Theaters needed time to swap out film reels.


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