New IDM 2020 Releases Album




New IDM music in a spiritual album, soft, at the same time powerful and euphoric, in which natural sounds mixed with other electronics are used.

The new processes used by the sound artist derive from improvisations on acoustic instruments such as African percussion and drums, natural instruments such as pine fir trunks, branches, ice and stones found and recorded in the woods of Northern Finland.

Eleven new shamanic rites, prayers in connection with the spirits of nature that protect life in all its forms. Eleven incarnations of the spirits made by the Finnish artist Jenni Österlund with whom 03SIDIAN collaborates for the creation of the artwork and visual representation of the music. The incarnations, in shape of masks, will be disclosed after the IDM album’s publication. 


Biologically we are animals, to be precise mammals. Adaptive mutations in the evolutionary cycle, derived from genetic changes in response to changes in the conditions and environment. The evolution of the Human genus that over time has taken over all the species present on Earth.

“ANIMALS is dedicated to the spirits of Nature and it’s inhabitants, animals, plants, bacteria, viruses, fungi, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, the whole biological chemical cycle that distinguishes planet earth.”

VR Album listening Room HERE

Mastering: TeraMastering Marco Vincis

Artwork design : Michele Uccheddu

Color design: Jenni Österlund

Brand design: Claudio Rosa

Marketing: Nucleo SUPRANU

Communication and strategies: Emanuele Balia

Press communication: Stefano Manconi

Public relations: Marco Salaris

Live and sound director: SUPRANU Studio, Diego Soddu ,Michele Uccheddu

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Published by supranurecords

SUPRANU Records is an independent music label founded in 2018. Our program varies from electronica, experimental & sound art. Culture and connections are the basis of our policy. We intend to release and promote all the music that potentially brings innovation to the music scene, beside the common taste.

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