Photography and music /latente/ the last release by SANATANA and Claudio Rosa

SUPRANU Records is pleased to ANNOUNCE the FIRST RELEASE OF 2021 / latente /



The Music is composed by SANATANA on the images’ suggestions shoot by the analog camera of Claudio Rosa.
An individual tale of latent life developed at a distance between March and April 2020 through the photographs of Claudio Rosa and the music of SANATANA.
Claudio Rosa used Analog photography, as a means of orientation within a new collective human condition, reveals in an intimate way a vitality forced into domestic environments where presences and absences interpenetrate and coexist.

The fourteen images, organized in diptychs, are supported by short compositions based on repetition.

The music tries to tell what is hidden but somehow re-emerges, generating a loop of different states of being. The compositions are on the filed of electroacoustic and contemporary music. The entire work accompanies the viewer in an audiovisual experience, a sound journey conceived as a single loop and divided into seven movements.

The Frames
Photographs taken using a point-and-shoot analog camera loaded with black and white film (Kentmere 400 ISO). The entire process of shooting, developing the negatives and acquiring the images was performed by the artist in his own laboratory.

The Music
These short compositions based on repetition were born as a function of the image.
The geometries and the superimpositions of the different planes intersect and interpenetrate, showing a vitality not yet considered. The music therefore tries to tell what is hidden but which somehow re-emerges, generating a loop of different states of being. The compositional processes belong to the logic of electroacoustic and contemporary music. The entire sound work accompanies the viewer in his experience, each piece was composed to accompany the audiovision of two images and the whole work was designed as a single loop, divided into 7 movements.

Claudio Rosa, visual artist, originario di Sant’Antioco, porta avanti la sua doppia ricerca sulla percezione visiva e sul riutilizzo di oggetti del consumo di massa caratterizzati da una forte geometricità. La sua arte cerca la spontaneità del gioco di un bambino ma lo fa attraverso una metodica, e addirittura ossessiva, elaborazione semantica, in apparenza fredda ma profondamente legata all’infanzia.

SANATANA aka Marco Salaris è un musicista nato in Sardegna nel 1988. La sua musica affonda le radici nel Noise e nella Drone Music, sviluppandosi e trovando nuove traiettorie più affini alla Musica Elettroacustica e d’Avanguardia. Il suo processo creativo si articola attorno alle pratiche improvvisative, di ascolto e di elaborazione del suono, proprie della Musica Elettronica. Nel 2019 pubblica il primo album da solista “SANATANA” per l’etichetta discografica SUPRANU Records. 


Artwork,Banner, Graphics: Claudio Rosa

Music and compositions: Marco Salaris Aka SANATANA

Mastering: Marco Vinci TeraMastering

Digital Management: Michele Uccheddu

Digital Communication: Emanuele Balia

Press communication: Stefano Manconi

Published by supranurecords

SUPRANU Records is an independent music label founded in 2018. Our program varies from electronica, experimental & sound art. Culture and connections are the basis of our policy. We intend to release and promote all the music that potentially brings innovation to the music scene, beside the common taste.

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