OUT NOW “Peripheral Nervous System”

OUT NOW “Peripheral Nervous System” of the sardinian artist Michele Uccheddu Aka 03SIDIAN. Released today on Bandcamp with 11 track and 11 paints by the finish artist Jenni Österlund. 03SIDIAN 2019 He has been exploring rhythms and electronic music, being inspired by the environment. He composed this album with a generative approach finding different waysContinue reading “OUT NOW “Peripheral Nervous System””

In the Planet of Shiva – 03SIDIAN

I composed In the Planet of Shiva during my Master in sound design, management and branding, in Novia Academy Finland. The idea behind this musical project was to avoid using reference tracks. Instead, I decided to compose my ideas following the path of my musical memory taking roots from the Trip-Hop and Underground scene ofContinue reading “In the Planet of Shiva – 03SIDIAN”