New Release Reggaeton Experimental 2020

OUT NOW ARTIFICIAL LOVE: Reggaeton Editio ARTIFICIAL LOVE: Reggaeton Edition Various Artists is a collective of artists from different music field and label, who worked together for SUPRANU Records’s “OPEN CALL“ on Experimental Reggaeton. The team of SUPRANU Records launches his first open call for a collective compilation of “Experimental Reggaeton” in tune with theContinue reading “New Release Reggaeton Experimental 2020”

New IDM 2020 Releases Album

ANIMALS – 03SIDIAN New IDM Music ANIMALS – 03SIDIAN New IDM music in a spiritual album, soft, at the same time powerful and euphoric, in which natural sounds mixed with other electronics are used. The new processes used by the sound artist derive from improvisations on acoustic instruments such as African percussion and drums, natural instruments suchContinue reading “New IDM 2020 Releases Album”